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Professional contract warehouse companies with full services are available and operating abundantly throughout Ukraine in the government controlled areas. Prominent hubs for focus on the Eastern area of Ukraine are Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Sievierodonetsk.

Reputable Warehouse and Transport delivery companies operating in Ukraine: 4.2.5 Ukraine Storage and Milling Company Contact List

It is possible to identify warehouse companies based in the GCA with existing or former activities in the NGCAs who may be in a position to sub-contract local companies, this arrangement allows for bank transfer payment.

Warehousing in Eastern Ukraine


Operators in Government controlled Ukraine are often in a position to provide contacts for activities in the Non-Government controlled areas. Preferred  

Prominent storage hubs with the closest proximity to populations affected by the conflict, in the Non-government Controlled areas (NGCA) are the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk.Large Luhansk, where large quantities of commercial warehouse companies are no longer operating and have departed due to the conflict. There In these areas there are some notable constraints when identifying a secure warehouse. It is possible to identify suitable warehouse structures, ; however several factors reduce the availability of viable options. Structures located on the outskirts of populated areas may be subject to war damage, or may be located close to military posts and be subject to potential collateral damage. Specialised secure storage warehouses in safe areas, with existing commercial logistics services are scarce. It is possible to identify currently inactive structures of all sizes, which are not specialist warehouses (i.e: workshops/ factories) which owners are willing to convert for use as storage warehouses.

Commercial warehouse service companies are limited. Humanitarian agencies are resorting to providing and managing their own logistics services. Warehouse equipment ie: Forklifts, trolleys, pallets, can be identified and rented from companies that have recently closed, with their equipment remaining in the area.

Payment to local companies must be in cash (RUB). Bank transfer payments are possible to companies based in the government controlled areas (GCA). Luhansk (Population approx 425,000) being a smaller sized city has far less available options than may be found in Donetsk (Population approx 1 million). Resources for identifying options are local real estate agents, existing operating warehouse companies with their contact networks, humanitarian agencies and NGOs.

Information on road transport limitations

Warehouse rental options


For more information on storage company contact details, please see the following link: HQ staff will input a link to section 4.6 Storage and Milling Companies Contact List here.

Commercial Storage

In Government controlled Ukraine the commercial storage industry is modern, vast and well developed.

In the Non-Government Controlled areas (NGCA), commercial warehouse service companies are becoming increasingly available. Some humanitarian agencies have opted to rent a structure and manage their own logistics services. Warehouse equipment ie: Forklifts, trolleys, pallets, can be identified and hired.

Storage Used by Humanitarian Organizations

Given the wide range and large quantity of developed and professional warehousing companies, most humanitarian agencies prefer to contract out to a private sector provider for warehouse including full services. UNHCR and ICRC are among the larger users of storage services.

Public Sector Storage

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine has a branched network of hub storages, nearest to Eastern Conflict Area are located in Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Mariupil and Severodonetsk. These storages contain relief items for emergency response and humanitarian community can contact SESoU for joint use of the space. Link:

Cold Chain

In Government controlled Ukraine the cold chain storage is widely represented by commercial storage companies and are modern, vast and well developed. Most of cold chain storages are less than 1000 m2 but some companies have big spaces (e.g. Raben Ukraine – 4000 m2, 3 chambers, different temperature regimes from +2+4*C to +8+12*C).