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People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

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Logistics Officer

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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Chapter Name of Assessor OrganisationDate Updated 

Algeria Country Profile

Lynda Matougui WFPDec-15
1.1 Algeria Humanitarian BackgroundLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
1.2 Algeria Regulatory DepartmentsLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
1.3 Algeria Customs InformationLynda Matougui WFPDec-15

2 Algeria Logistics Infrastructure

Lynda Matougui WFPDec-15
2.1 Algeria Port AssessmentLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
2.1.1 Algeria Port of AlgiersLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
2.1.2 Algeria Port of AnnabaLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
2.1.3 Algeria Port of ArzewLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
2.1.4 Algeria Port of BejaiaLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
2.1.5 Algeria Port of OranLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
2.2 Algeria Aviation AssessmentLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
2.2.1 Algeria Oran Ahmed Benbella International AirportLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
2.2.2 Algeria Tindouf National AirportLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
2.3 Algeria Road Network AssessmentLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
2.4 Algeria Railway AssessmentLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
2.5 Algeria Waterways AssessmentLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
2.6 Algeria Storage AssessmentLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
2.7 Algeria Milling AssessmentLynda Matougui WFPDec-15

3 Algeria Services and Supply

Lynda Matougui WFPDec-15
3.1 Algeria FuelLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
3.2 Algeria TransportersLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
3.3 Algeria Manual Labor CostsLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
3.4 Algeria TelecommunicationsLynda Matougui WFPDec-15


1.4 Algeria Shipping Instructions

Lynda Matougui WFPDec-15
4.9 Algeria Additional Service Provision Contact ListLynda Matougui WFPDec-15
4.10 Algeria Railway Company Contact ListLynda Matougui WFPDec-15

5 Algeria Annexes

Lynda Matougui WFPDec-15
5.1 Algeria Acronyms and AbbreviationsLynda Matougui WFPDec-15