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Jordan Railway Assessment

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A National Rail System was approved by the Jordanian Government which will connect all major cities and towns by passenger and cargo rail. There are two lines to be constructed. The North-South Line passing through Mafraq, Zarqa, Amman, Maan, and Aqaba with international connections to Syria and Saudi Arabia. The East-West Line will run from Mafraq, Irbid, and Azraq with international connections to Iraq and possibly Israel. The national rail system will be completed by 2013. These routes are planned to be electrified. There are also plans for a light rail system operating between Amman and Zarqa and a funicular and a three line metro system for Amman.

Two connected but non-contiguously operated sections of the Hedjaz Railway exist:

  • from Ammanin Jordan to Syria, as the "Hedjaz Jordan Railway."
  • from phosphatemines near Ma'an to the Gulf of Aqaba as the "Aqaba Railway."
  • 507 km from the Phosphate fields to the Port of Aqapa.