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Table of Contents

Djibouti Port of Djibouti S.A (PAID)

Key port information can also be found at: Website of the Maritime Database on the Port of Djibouti 

Port Overview


The Port of Djibouti has excellent nautical condition and benefits from a natural protection by coral reef that plays a role of a breakwater structure. The benches of coral reef which are close to the port absorb the agitation of the waves and offer deep area and quiet water. The anchorage offers depths between 10 to 40 meters and are well sheltered by the coral reef. They also manage the dangerous goods & cargo and prevent pollution. The shipping agent has to send the manisfet 48 hours before the ship call.


For contacts information on the Port of Djibouti, please select the following link:

4.2.3 Djibouti Port and Waterways Company Contact List

Port Performance

Djibouti Port has made tremendous efforts and inovations, in the various aspects relating to port and shipping industry and have been succesful in developing and enhancing container terminal, general cargo and efficiency as well.


For information on Djibouti Customs Guidance, please see the following linkslink:

1.3 Djibouti Customs Information1.4 Djibouti Shipping Instructions

Terminal Information

Grain and Bulk Handling