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Chapter Name of Assessor OrganizationDate Updated 
1 Fiji Country ProfileAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
1.1 Fiji Humanitarian BackgroundAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
1.2 Fiji National Regulatory DepartmentsAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
1.3 Fiji Customs InformationAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2 Fiji Logistics InfrastructureAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.1. Fiji Port AssessmentAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.1.1 Fiji Port of SuvaAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.1.3 Fiji Port of LevukaAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.1.4 Fiji Port of MalauAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.1.5 Fiji Port of SavusavuAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2 Fiji AviationAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.1 Fiji Nadi International AirportAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.2 Fiji Nausori International AirportAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.3 Fiji Labasa National AirportAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.4 Fiji Cicia National AirportAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.5 Fiji Malolo Lailai National AirportAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.6 Fiji Vunisea National AirportAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.7 Fiji Mana Island National AirportAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.8 Fiji Levuka AirfieldAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.9 Fiji Pacific Harbour / Deumba SPBAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.10 Fiji Taveuni Island AirportAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.11 Fiji Rotuma Island AirportAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.12 Fiji Savu Savu AirportAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.13 Fiji Vatulele AirportAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.14 Fiji Yasawa AirportAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.15 Fiji Moala AirportAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.16 Fiji Oni-i-lau Airport Anthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.17 Fiji Lakeba Airport Anthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.18 Fiji Koro Airport Anthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.19 Fiji Gau Airport Anthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.2.20 Fiji Vanua Balavu Airport Anthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.3 Fiji Road NetworkAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.4 Fiji Railway AssessmentAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.5 Fiji Waterways AssessmentAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.5.1 Jettys and LandingAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.6 Fiji Storage AssessmentAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.6.1 Fijij Potential MSU SitesAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
2.7 Fiji Milling AssessmentAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
3 Fiji Logistics ServicesAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
3.1 Fiji FuelAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
3.2 Fiji TransportersAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
3.5 Fiji Additional Service ProvidersAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
3.3 Fiji Manual LabourAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
3.4 Fiji TelecommunicationsAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
3.6 Fiji Food Suppliers, Accommodation and Other MarketsAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
4.Fiji Contact ListsAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
4.1 Fiji Government Contact ListAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
4.2 Fiji Humanitarian Contact ListAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
4.3 Fiji Port and Waterways Company Contact ListAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
4.4 Fiji Airport Company Contact ListAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
4.5 Fiji Storage and Milling Company Contact ListAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
4.6 Fiji Fuel Provider Contact ListAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
4.7 Fiji Transporter Contact ListAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
4.8 Fiji Additional Service Provision Contact ListAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
5 Fiji AnnexesAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17
5.1 Fiji Acronyms and AbbreviationsAnthony GoodrickWFPFeb-17