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Syrian Arab Republic Railway Assessment

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Railway Service:


  • The Syrian Railways have capacity of up to 10,000 Mt per day to Iraq

  • There are connections to the silos in Syria and to the Port of Tartous

  • Negotiations are currently underway to lower prices offered by the Syrian Railway

  • The Syrian Railway Line comes from Lattakia to Deir-ez-zor through Aleppo (or Tartous Aleppo via Homs) and then to Alkameshli until Al aroubiah (cross-border) to Iraq: Mosul, Baghdad, and onwards to the South: Al Naserieh and Al Basrah

  • The Railway line between Deir-ez-zor and Abu Kamal is still under construction

  • The Syrian Railways has freight traffic exchange with Turkish Railways (TCDD) of two trains per day per direction.

  • There are two international passenger trains per week in each direction running between Turkey (Istanbul) and Syria and also between Iran and Syria

  • In the North-East of the country, a second freight traffic exchange is taking place with Turkey with three regular freight trains per day in each direction. These three trains are transiting through Syria and destinated to Iraq

  • Only one border point located in the North-East of the country is operational between Iraq and Syria. The traffic exchange reaches three freight trains per day in each direction

  • In the future, another border point with Iraq will be opened when the line section Deir-ez-zor and Abu Kamal is completed

  • Between Lebanon and Syria there is no operational rail border crossing point

  • It is expected that the old rail link between Damascus and Beirut will be re-opened

  • Additionally, there is a plan to create a new international rail link between Tripoli (Lebanon) and Al Akkari (Syria)

  • The rail link with Jordan has one operational narrow gauge border crossing located at Dera’ where cross-border passenger and freight traffic.

  • Another border point will be become operational when the planned upgrade of the Hijaz Line to standard gauge is completed

4.2.1 Syria Syrian Arab Republic Government Contact List

Railway Companies and Consortia

Note: The information provided in the attached document, which has been taken from the old DLCA, does not match the structure of the new LCA and is therefore provided separately.

Syria Road Network Additional Information

4.2.1 Syria Syrian Arab Republic Government Contact List