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Syrian Arab Republic Road Network

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Roads Overview

The total distance of roads in Syria is 97,401 km

19,490 km is paved (including 1,103 km of expressways) and 77,911 km is unpaved
Mainroad . Mainroad conditions and in-country trucking capacity is good and there are sufficient transport companies to meet demand
However . However delays in receiving GoS approvals and tax exemptions for receiving food and non-food items is a concern and this may affect on-time deliveriesThe . The annex 'Importance of Road Transport in Syria' includes tables that give a clear idea on the importance of roads network in Syria as back bone for the country and the numbers of vehicles operating on this network.


The transport sector in Syria is significant to the of government because importance to the economy
Syria. Syria's transport and communication networks have expanded rapidly over the past decade to keep pace with the fast-growing population
The . The road network, for example, has increased by 10% in the past five years, of which 70% is asphalted
The . The MSR is a divided, multi-lane highway along the Damascus – Homs – Hama – Aleppo corridor with the Mediterranean ports of Tartous and Lattakia, and with Jordan to the south and Lebanon to the west
The . The secondary roads are in generally excellent condition and additional road construction is underway to extend the major highway network to include a link from Lattakia to Aleppo.
Highways  Highways and secondary roads have weight-load restrictions (bridge classifications exceed 60 Mt)
Due . Due to the presence of potential obstacles on the road, grazing livestock for example, and times of reduced visibility due to inclement weather or dust then speeds came be severely reduced. Occasionally snow may make driving hazardous in areas in excess of 1,000 meters above sea level

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Distance Matrix

Distances from Capital City to Major Towns (km)







LattakiaDier al-ZorAdlebHassakaRakkaSweidaDara'aTartousQuneitera






















Lattakia     51312769737847244990415
Dier al-Zor      389177168813792593758
Adleb       570251459436217402
Hassaka        319990967787933
Rakka         671648468614
Sweida          6836498
Dara'a           35976
Tartous            325

Weighbridges and Axle Load Limits

According to the law issued by Syrian Government in 2006, the following weights and length restrictions apply for transportation of goods on Syrian Roads


Syria Road Network Additional Information 

Note: The information provided in the attached documents, which has been taken from the old DLCA, does not match the structure of the new LCA and is therefore provided separately.