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Table of Contents

Syrian Arab Republic Port of Latakia

Key port information can be found at: Website of Maritime Database on Latakia Port

Port Overview


  • Latakia Port is along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, located at N 35.31, E 35.45
  • The port is 350km 350 km from Damascus
  • The prevailing wind is southwesterly with a maximum wind speed of 9 on the Beaufort scale (125 km/h), but winds of such speeds are rare
  • Tidal activity has a range of ±40 cm
  • The Port comprises 23 quays with a total length of 4,280 m
  • Draft for bulk and bagged cargo vessels is 4 -10m 10 m and the draft for container vessels is 12m12 m
  • The Port has the necessary equipment to handle a variety of vessels: bagged and bulk cargo; liquids; and the Port specializes in container shipments
  • Total area of the port is 1,500,000m²000 m², of which 200,000m² 000 m² is the segregated container yard
  • Average monthly activity is approximately 420,000 Mt


Port Location and Contacts



Province or District


Town or City (Closest location) with Distance (km)

Name : Latakia

km: n/a

Port's Complete Name



34 54’ N.9


35 52’ E.86667

Managing Company or Port Authority (If more than one operator, break down by area of operation)

The General Company for Latakia Harbor

Management Contact Person


Closest Airport and Frequent Airlines to / from International Destinations

Airport Name: n/a

Airlines: n/a


Description and Contacts of Key Companies

4.2.3 Syrian Arab Republic Port and Waterways Company Contact List

Port Performance

Handling Figures

Year 2008

Vessel Calls


Container Traffic (TEUs)



Syria Port of Latakia Additional Information

Note: The information provided in the attached documents, which has been taken from the old DLCA, does not match the structure of the new LCA and is therefore provided separately.

Container Facilities


20 ft

40 ft

Container Facilities Available



Container Freight Station (CFS)

Yes, 1

Yes, 1

Refrigerated Container Stations



Other Capacity Details

Daily Take Off Capacity (Containers per day)


Number of Reefer Stations (connection points)

112 power plug can serve 732 TEUs

Emergency Take-off Capacity (Give an indication)


Off take capacity of gang shift (in Containers per shift)



Customs Guidance

1.3 Syrian Arab Republic Customs Information

Terminal Information

Multipurpose Terminal

All quays are designed for multipurpose usage except for the container quays.