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Government has a considerable number of different types of aircrafts and helicopters likely to be available to transport personnel and relief supplies; the approximate costs of operation of military and other government aircraft and helicopters.

4.2.1 Syrian Arab Republic Government Contact List

Humanitarian Community

In the event of a natural disaster or of a man made crisis, the UNCT (or Disaster Management Team-DMT-) will assume responsibility for inter-sectoral coordination under the direction and guidance of RC. UNCT or DMT will activate sectoral working groups and streamlined them if necessary to respond to the emergency situation


  • Finalize GIS-based multi-hazard mapping
  • Carry out earthquake risk-mapping and seismic data interpretation
  • Strengthen disaster committees at governorate level with basic disaster management training
  • Train disaster agencies in basic disaster preparedness and emergency response
  • Organize earthquake risk awareness campaigns for the general public and in particular a programme for earthquake preparedness and awareness in schools
  • Participate in the Arab states sub–regional initiative for disaster reduction
  • Organize Disaster Management Training Programme (DMTP) workshops
  • Assess the potential for conflict through the application of a conflict development assessment tool

4.2 .2 Sierra Leone Syrian Arab Republic Humanitarian Agency Contact List