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Yemen Aviation 

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Key airport information may also be found at: Website of Worldaerodata on Airports in World Aero Data information on Yemen

The air transport sector of the Republic of Yemen is relatively small. With the size of the country (528,000 km2) and its population of 23 million, it has 18 airports, of which 12 with runways of at least 2,500 meters (for comparison, Morocco, with about 1.4 times the population of Yemen, has 44 airports of which 13 with runways of at least 2,500 meters).

There are 13 fully operational airports in Yemen, five of which are international (Sana’a, Aden, Taiz, Al Rayan in Mukala and Hodieda) and 8 local (Sayun, Attaq, Al Ghaidha, Mareb, Al Buqa’a, Al Biedha, Sa’ada and Soctra).   The state has allocated resources to modernize airports and provide navigation equipment ensuring air transport safety including ongoing rehabilitation works on the Aden International Airport.   Twenty-three international airline companies fly regularly over Yemen’s air space. Yemen has signed bilateral air transport agreements with 41 countries.

Air Carriers
Traditionally the national carrier, Yemenia Airlines was the only operating carrier within the county, currently Yemeina Airlines is undergoing a restructuring process where various departments are being segregated and established as associated private entities responsible for their individual services.


Yemenia - Yemen Airways is the national airline of Yemen, which has established an international network serving over 23 destinations. Until recently, it was also the only domestic air service provider. However, a new domestic carrier called Felix Airways started operations on 26 October 2008, taking over Yemenia’s domestic network. While the carrier is focusing at becoming a successful intercontinental sixth freedom carrier, its most profitable current market is within the Gulf region. Nevertheless, it has embarked on a substantial fleet renewal program, which includes modern Airbus A350 aircraft, to meet the expected demand.

4.2.1 Yemen Government Contact List

4.2.5 Yemen Airport Company Contact List

For further information on Aviation contacts and civil aviation regulations, please select the following document:

Yemen Aviation Additional Information

Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft


Prepositioning for Continued Operations

  • Applications for registration of foreign aircraft for ongoing operations within Yemen need to be made in witting to the CAMA in Sana'a. Submission of all the necessary documents in proper order; AOC, CofA, CoR, Insurance certification etc.
  • The request to be channeled through MOFA.
  • Approvals from the Ministry of Defense and National Security would also be required and may prove to be a lengthy process.
  • There are currently No foreign aircraft or private carriers operating in Yemen.Main Airport