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Table of Contents


Port Overview

Mongla Port is the second busy port of 3 seaports of Bangladesh and is the eco-friendliest port. It is situated on the south western part of the country at the confluence of Possur river and Mongla Nulla approximately 71 Nautical miles upstream of the Bay of Bengal. It is located at Lat 22.48867 Long 89.59283. The Port is well protected by the largest mangrove forest Sunderbans, which has been declared as "World Heritage" in 1977 by UNESCO. Since 1950, Chalna Port started to function as Government Directorate and in May 1977, the directorate was concerted to an autonomous organization called Chalna Port Authority. The Chalna Port Authority was again renamed as "Mongla Port Authority" on 8th March 1987.


Name & Address

Designation and email

Telephone and fax

Name: Rear Admiral M Mozammel Haque, (G), NUP, ndc, psc, BN,



Phone (office): 04662-75215

Fax: +041662-75224

Name: Yasmin Afsana

Desig: Member (Finance)


Phone (off): 04662-7514

Name: Md. Altaf Hossain Khan

Desig: Member (Engineering & Development)


Phone (office): 04662-75333

Fax: 04662-75244

Name: Captain Mohammed Ali Chowdhury, (C), BCGM, ndc

Desig: Member (Harbour & Marine)


Phone (office): 04662- 75222

Fax: 04662- 75224

Name: Md. Gias Uddin

Designation: Director (Admin)


Phone (office): +0466   2-75345

Fax: 04662- 75224

Name: Commander Sheikh Fakhar Uddin (C) BN

Designation: Harbour Master


Phone (office): +04662-75221

Name: Lt Commander M ABDUL ALIM, (N), BN

Desig: Chief Security Officer


Phone (office): +04662-75232

Name: Mr. Ohiuddin Chowdhury

Designation: Secretary


Phone (office): +04662-75275

Name: Md. Zahirul Huq

Designation: Chief Planning


Phone (office): +04662-75218

Name: Md. Mostafa Kamal

Designation: Director (Traffic)


Phone (office): +04662-75363

Name: Md. Faruqul Islam

Desig: Chief Hydrographer


Phone (office): +04662-75312


Port Facilities and Infrastructure             

Total Berths


Length (m)

Draft (m)

General Cargo/ Container Berths


max 225 m

4.5 – 5 m

River Mooring Buoys


max 225 m

3 – 8 m

Anchorage Berths


max 225 m

4.7 – 9 m.

Mongla Cement Factory Jetty (Private)


max: 225 m


Meghna Cement Factory Jetty (Private)


max: 225 m

6.5 m

Klean Heat Gaz Factory (Private)


max 225 m


Summit United LPG Jetty


max 225 m


Summit United Petroleum Jetty


max 225 m

Not available

Dubai-Bangladesh Cement factory Jetty


max 225 m

Not available

Holcim Cement Factory Jetty


max 225 m

Not available

Vessel Concrete Jetty 


max 225 m

Not available

Pontoon Berth (for Fresh Water


max 225 m

Not available

Pontoon berth (Inland vessels & Ferry)


max 225 m

Not available

Berthing Tugs & Mooring Boats


Pilot Boats


Water Barges (Dumb)

4 * 500 MT


  • The port is surrounded as well as well protected by the mangrove forest Sundarbans and free from all types of congestion of ships and cargo.
  • River and road transport facilities available comparatively at lower cost from Mongla port to all over the remote places of the country.
  • Constraint free large channel available for anchorage and loading/unloading facilities on both sides for 33 ships at a time.
  • Due to construction of Khanjahan Ali as well as Lalonshah bridge, good transport connection system has been developed from Mongla Port to all the hinterland of North Bengal.
  • Unique opportunity for Dhaka-Mongla-Dhaka transportation only within 5 hours by Dhaka-Maowa Road, in spite of a ferry service on the way.
  • As there is no by-crossing, the goods can be transported easily without any constraint by inland coaster/barge from Mongla port.
  • Up to 225-meter-long ship can enter into the port for discharging cargo.
  • No constraints in berth and less turn-around time.
  • In compare with Chattogram Port, the Landing charge, Shipping charge and River dues are lower in Mongla port.
  • 15 days free time available in case of handling empty container (Import).
  • The port is open for 24 hours.
  • Infrastructural facilities available for storage of both specialized and General cargo.
  • Handling & parking facilities of motor vehicles available.


Port Performance and Capacity             

Port performance in last 3 Years


SlName of the OrganizationAddressContact Number
1M/S Sheikh Abdus Salam & Co.Madrasa Road Mongla, Bagerhat01711343054
2M/S A Haq Choudhury & Sons2, P C Roy Road, Khulna01711761747
3M/S Khalid Brothers67 Khan A Sabur Road, Khulna01711335860
4M/S Nuru & Sons CoShromo Kollan Road, Mongla, Bagerhat01713181224
5M/S Gofur Brothers & CoRabeya Complex, 116/2, Islampur Road, Shantidham More, Khulna01711280124
6M/S Khulna Traders Ltd.6, Shamsur Rahman Road, Khulna01711218888
7M/S Pator Para TradersPort Using Building 6th Floor, 1st Flat, Mongla01764527749
8M/S Green Enterprise53 Shromo Kollan Road, Mongla, Bagerhat01711761668
9M/S Lucky Trading Corporations309, Khanjahan Ali Road, Khulna01711896661
10M/S M. A. Hashem & Sons6/1, Madrasa Road, Mongla, Bagerhat01711400797
11M/S Jahir TradersChalna House, 3 P C Roy Road, Khulna01711380569
12M/S Obiroto Agencies Ltd.8, Baitun Nur Shopping Complex01716781461
13M/S K M Shipping Lines Ltd.11, KDA Avenue, Nowshin Tower (5th floor), Khulna01711296685
14M/S United Trading Co.Rabeya Complex, 116/2 Islampur Road, Khulna01711280124
15M/S The Linkers International (Pvt) Ltd.101, Haji Mohsin Road, Khulna01711299179
16M/S Khulna Union Enterprise Ltd.205/8 Sonadanga R/A, Khulna01711524649
17M/S Moni Traders (Pvt.) Ltd.13 Shrom Kollyan Road, Mongla01713124709
18M/S Mecca Medina EnterpriseShrom Kollyan Road, Mongla01725378430
19M/S Siraj ShippingPort Powerhouse Road, Mongla0711482906
20M/S Ahommed & Co.17, Beni Babu Road, Khulna01712608285
21M/S Rahman EnterprisePort Building 6th floor, 3rd flat, MonglaNot Provided
22M/S Khulna Agency269/2, Khanjahan Ali Road, Khulna01715368262
23M/S Amin Enterprise6, Lower Jeshore Road, Khulna01711297825
24M/S Morelgonj Traders43/E, road 29, Nirala Residential Area, Khulna01711481774
25M/S M A Baten5, PC Roy Road, Khulna01711323620
26M/S Aroj Ali & Co92, Khan A Sabur Road, Khulna01711131606
27M/S S M Akbor Hosen72, Sir Ikbal Road, Khulna01711805124
28M/S T Haq & Co. LtdMonowara Mansion, room 1, 15, Dr. Moshiur Rahamn Road, Khulna01813751155
29M/S M Rahman & Brothers63/4, Sonadanga R/A, Khulna01711029460
30M/S Sonar Bangla Traders40, Station Road, Khulna01713400138
31M/S A Rajjak Dovash & Sons Ltd.Yakub Ali Building, Mongla01711263316
32M/S Associated Traders & Meriners Ltd.Khalil Chamber, 35, KDA Avenue, Khulna01730007825
33M/S Jebun Associates Ltd.Sheikh Abdul High Sarak, Mongla01819685568



Port Essential Information            

 Port management

The port is under the administrative control of the Ministry of Shipping. The Chairman is the Chief Executive of the Port. Mongla Port Authority is managed by a board which consists of Chairman and three other members. Board formulates policies concerning operation, administration, finance and development of the port.  Other 11 departments are there to assist in performing port operation.

Port Limit

· To the North:  A line drawn due East West from a point in position Lat.  220 38.00’ N. Long 89020.00 E. to a point in position lat. 22038.00 N. long 89040.00’ E.

· To the South: A line drawn due East West from a point in position Lat. 21027.00’N. Long 89020.00 E. to a point in position lat. 21027.00 N. long 89040.00’ E.

· To the East:   A line joining the point in position Lat. 21027.00 N. Long 89040.00’ E. with the point in position Lat. 22038.00Ñ N. long 89040.00’ E.

· To the West:  A line joining the point in position Lat. 22038.00 N. Long 89020.00’ E. with the point in position lat. 21027.00 N. long 89020.00’ E.

Navigational Information

• Vessels of 6.0 m. to 8.5 m. draught can take berth in anchorage, mooring buoys and jetties. 

• Maximum LOA of vessels: 200 meters 

• Tidal range: between 1.2 and 3.5 meter 

• Pilotage : Compulsory 

• Night navigation is permissible for outward and inward movement of ships up to 140m. LOA and 6.0 m draught.

• 51 Lighted buoys are available at the Channel. “Conical shape" buoys are on starboard side and "can shape" buoys on the port side.

Hydrographic Information

The tides are important for navigation as determines the possibility of crossing the shallow outer bar at the entrance. The tides are semi diurnal with prominent diurnal effect. The approx. tidal range is between 1.2 m. to 3.5 m. all over the channel.


Mongla port consists of shore-based facilities and a sheltered anchorage in the Pussur River. Depth of water available at the anchorage is max. 8.0 M. of LLWD. Distance from Mongla fairway buoy to Mongla port Jetty is 65 Nautical miles.


Entrance to the Pussur river is about 2 miles wide at the mouth and has a bar about 5 nautical miles from the Fairway Buoy where minimum depth is 6 m.

Maximum Size of Ships

Ships drawing up to 7 M. can cross the bar in all seasons. During S.W Monsoons vessels up to 8.0 M. can cross the outer bar in spring tide.


At present coast station Khulna Radio of telegraph and Telephone Dept. maintain 24 hrs. W/T watch 0n 500 KHz (call sign S3E). In addition to the T & T system, the port has harbor control station (call sign S3H) at Mongla and Hiron point pilot station (call sign S3K) to maintain 24 hrs. W/T watch 0n 500 KHz. The station at Hiron Point guides incoming and outgoing vessels from fairway to pilot grounds and vice versa and also remains in touch with Khulna Radio, S 3 E, Mongla S 3 H and ships anchored at Hiron point for movement of pilots and Mooring of vessels.

Arrival Advice

Incoming ships must be present at Mongla Fairway Buoy at least 3 hours before H.W. at Hiron point, to enter on a day. The master should send the following information to Port Control via Khulna Radio call sign S3E and Hiron point pilot station call sign S3K 24 hrs. prior to arrival at Mongla Fairway buoy:

1.ETA Mongla Fairway Buoy 2. Fresh water draught 3. Speed available 4. Length of vessel 5. Gross tonnage of vessel 6. Flag of vessel 7. Fresh water requirements 8. Local Agent.


3 powerful Tugs are available to attend emergency & also for berthing at jetties, Mooring buoys and Anchorages.


8 single swinging Moorings, 21 Anchor berths & 5 Jetties are available.


The density of water at the Outer Bar varies from 1005 to 1025 and at Mongla from 1002 to 1015.

Fresh Water   

Available by Barges


Fuel oil can be arranged in Ltd quantities if 48 hours advance notice is given to the respective owner/declaring Shipping Agents.

Fire Precautions

Fire Fighting Tug is available.


Minor repairs can be arranged through Khulna shipyard & other private workshops.


Lloyds / NKK, P & l Club and private surveyors are available at Khulna.

Deck Watchman

On receipt of orders from the Master the Steamer agents will arrange to supply necessary watchmen day and night.

Cargo Gear

Goods are loaded and unloaded by the ship's gear. Handling equipment and crane available at the Port Jetty.


Local shipping agents are responsible for arranging repatriation of the crew.


Police Telephone number 04658-222 and for other purposes Harbor Control 004658-309 and Harbor Master's Telephone No. 04031-221 (off) & 041-760625 (Res) is available.

Misc Miscellaneous Port Information (Berthing equipment specifications)


The channel is marked by buoys at various points conical shapes to be passed on the starboard hand and can shapes on the port hand when entering with the mainstream of flood. Weather is mainly tropical with very mild winter with minimum temperature of 8'C and humidity 95% and during south westerly monsoon from June to August causing rainfall of average 200 cm. Tropical revolving storm is formed in the Bay of Bengal during the preceding (April-May) and succeeding (Sept-Oct.) two months of Monsoon. The intensity of the storm is lost on reaching the port after crossing the coast and the Sundarbans. A common weather feature is the Norwester in the months of March and April which are typical thunderstorms of very short duration usually occurring at dusk with squally winds up to 40kts.



Port Dues and Charges 

Port Dues and Charges (as of January 2020)


Khulna to Mongla

Per MT


Khulna to Hironpoint

BDT 200

Mongla to Hironpoint

BDT 150


Food Handling Arrangements                 

Mongla Port is not very well equipped for the bulk grain handling. There are no vacuators, silo facilities and bagging machines at the port. No silo terminal at port level. But a small silo of 500 MT exists in Khulna and recently big modern silo is at Joymonir goal has been established.


Reefer cargo particularly export of frozen shrimps is predominant through this port. In the container yard no. 1 & 2 there are 160 plug points to connect reefer containers. Electricity is being supplied from electric substations to the reefer container. For constant and uninterrupted power supply MPA has its own generators which are capable to supply power to 40 containers. Provision of 110 volt power supply for reefer container is also available in the container yard.



Port Development Trend

In Bangladesh, the industries are in and around Dhaka-Chattogram. The business community of Dhaka and its surrounding areas is less interested to import and export their cargo through Mongla Port because of lack of fair roads and bridges connection. The present government has given emphasis for the development of Mongla Port and pushes the construction of the Padma Bridge at Mawa point. When Padma bridge will be operational, the distance from Dhaka to Mongla will be 170 Km. So, the business community of Dhaka and its surrounding areas will be more interested to use Mongla Port for importing & exporting cargos as the transportation distance from Dhaka to Mongla will be shorter than Dhaka to Chattogram. 


Short-term (ongoing activities)

Mid-term plan


1. Dredging till Rampal of Pusur channel. Project expense: 16650.00 lakh

1. Expansion and modernization of the facility of Mongla Port Probable expenditure of the project: 447744.97 lakh

1. Collection of modern Container and cargo handling equipment. Probable expenditure of the project: 30000.00 lakh

2. Development of Roosevelt Jetty infrastructure. Project expense: 2360.00 lakh

2. One Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger Collection. Probable expenditure of the project: 32000.00 lakh

2. Construction of Car Yard at Joymonir gol. Probable expenditure of the project: 10000.00 lakh

3. Introduction of the Vessel Traffic Management and Information System (VTMIS). Project expense: 4890.78 lakh

3. Upgrading of Mongla Port. Probable expenditure of the project: 658596.00 lakh

3. Construction of multi-purpose jetty at Joymonir gol. Probable expenditure of the project: 140000.00 lakh

4. Dredging at Outer Bar Project expense: 71250.00 lakh

4. Modern Waste Management System. Probable expenditure of the project: 19800.00 lakh

4. Construction of floating jetty at Akram Point. Probable expenditure of the project: 50000.00 lakh

5. Tug Boat Collection Project expense: 4929.00 lakh

5. Various of equipment collecting Probable expenditure of the project: 44252.00 lakh

5. The development and of the deer Point Pilot tower and construction of the building for the Light house attendant at the Jack ford point. Probable expenditure of the project: 10000.00 lakh

6. Setting up of surface water treatment plant. Project expense: 2472.50 lakh

6. Strengthening of fire safety system. Probable expenditure of the project: 2455.60 lakh

6. River Governance Program adopted. Probable expenditure of the project: 150000.00 lakh

7. Collection of mobile Harbor crane. Project expense: 4681.50 lakh

7. Setting up of existing jetty of Mongla port. Probable expenditure of the project: 2809.92 lakh

7. Building advanced and modern light towers. Probable expenditure of the project: 5000.00 lakh

8. Strategic Master Plan. Project expense: 530.00 lakh.

8. Helicopters and all facilities for the helipad. Probable expenditure of the project: 30000.00 lakh

9. Dredging in the food silo area of the Harbor channel. Probable expenditure of the project: 3638.85 lakh

9. Construction of yard and renovation of road including construction of Dolphin jetty at Roosevelt Jetty. Probable Exp: 15420.40 lakh

9. Collection of auxiliary vessels (in 3 different stages).

Probable expenditure of the project: 80000.00 lakh

10. Construction of 2 incomplete jetty of Mongla port (Via PPP) Project expense: 41200.00 lakh

10. Dredging to achieve 8 mtr CD on the Poshur channel. Probable expenditure of the project: 98500.00 lakh

10. Collection of high-powered rescue vessels.

Probable expenditure of the project: 3000.00 lakh

11. Collection of 5 vessels for Mongla port. Probable expenditure of the project: 25000.00 lakh

11. Car Career Collection.

Probable expenditure of the project: 500.00 lakh

12. Construction of Container terminal (1st stage) at Joymonir gol. Probable expenditure :100000.00 lakh

13. Oil Spill Vessel Collection. Probable expenditure: 8000.00 lakh

14. Construction of water refineries (2nd phase).

Probable expenditure: 10000.00 lakh

15. Construction of Container terminal (2nd stage) at Joymonir gol. Probable expenditure: 200000.00 lakh

16. Collection of Navigational aids. Probable expenditure: 5000.00 lakh

17. Construction of Port Centric city with Mega shopping complex. Probable expenditure: 200000.00 lakh

18. Dredging project to achieve 10 Mtr CD at Pusur river.

Probable expenditure: 150000.00 lakh

19. VTMIS Expansion project. Probable expenditure: 10000.00 lakh




Port Security Arrangement 

MPA has adopted ISPS Code well ahead of 1st July 2004. Strict physical security is being maintained as per Port Facility Security Plan approved by Designated Authority. MPA was issued with Statement of Compliance of Port Facility Security certificate on 26th September 2004. Security information with vessels is exchanged by Port Control station before entering port limit. Reasonable full proof security is being maintained with the deployment and cooperation of security personnel from different agencies in addition to her own security personnel. So far, the port authority and all the users are satisfied with the port security arrangement. The port authority is trying to have their own security personnel for the total coverage of the area. Port has updated and modern digital security equipment also in place. To ensure proper security at the port premises and Jetty area they have following personnel and equipment: