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Solomon Islands Transporters

Most transport in the Solomon Islands is done via boat.  The majority of the roads in the Solomon Islands are located in Guadacanal and Malaita.  Honiara has several trucking companies that have limited assets but most transport would be is done by single truck owners rather than larger companies.

There are over 30 side lifter trucks available for container movement and greater numbers of 3 – 5 ton owner operator trucks available for day hire. There are no issues with unions.

The outer islands are much more limited for road transport as there are few roads. Front loading coastal vessels and local jetties are the norm for transportation of goods and passengers.

The current capacity meets domestic needs. If there were a requirement for extra capacity to accommodate an influx demand from the humanitarian community, private operators would be available to meet demand.


Because the country is an Island Nation the question of using foreign operators is not relevant

For more information on transport company contact details, please see the following link: 4.2.6 8 Solomon Islands Transporter Contact List

Solomon Steel Transport Capacity Summary

Regions Covered



Number of


Capacity per

Vehicle (MT)

Comments / Condition of Vehicles

Side lifter


40’/20’ container


Heavy Transporter


50 MT


Ready mix cement


18 MT (6m3)


Open truck


24 MT


Open truck


3 MT


Total Capacity


180 MT


Disclaimer: Inclusion of company information in the LCA does not imply any business relationship between the supplier and WFP / Logistics Cluster, and is used solely as a determinant of services, and capacities.

Please note: WFP / Logistics Cluster maintain complete impartiality and are not in a position to endorse, comment on any company's suitability as a reputable service provider.