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 Republic of Vanuatu


The following LCA chapters provide the key information required for international assistance during a disaster.


Table of Contents

ChapterName of AssessorOrganizationDate updated 

1 Vanuatu Country Profile

Patricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
1.1 Vanuatu Humanitarian BackgroundPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
1.2 Vanuatu National Regulatory DepartmentsPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
1.3 Vanuatu Customs InformationPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17

2 Vanuatu Logistics Infrastructure

Patricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.1 Vanuatu Port AssessmentPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.1.1 Vanuatu Port of Port VilaPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.1.2 Vanuatu Port of Luganville, SantoPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.2 Vanuatu AviationPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.2.1 Vanuatu Bauerfield International AirportPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.2.2 Pekoa AirportPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.2.3 Vanuatu Whitegrass AirportPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.3 Vanuatu Road NetworkPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.4 Vanuatu Storage AssessmentPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.5 Vanuatu Waterways AssessmentPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17

3 Vanuatu Logistics Services and Supply

Patricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
3.1 Vanuatu FuelPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
3.2 Vanuatu TransportersPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
3.3 Vanuatu Additional Service ProvidersPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
3.4 Vanuatu Manual Labor CostsPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
3.5 Vanuatu TelecommunicationsPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
3.6 Vanuatu Food Suppliers, Accommodation and other MarketsPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17

4 Vanuatu Contacts

Patricia ThornhillWFPApr-17

4.1 Vanuatu Government Contact List

Patricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.2 Vanuatu Humanitarian Agency
Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-174.3 Vanuatu Laboratory and Quality Control Testing
Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.4 Vanuatu Port and Waterways Company Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.5 Vanuatu Airport Company Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.6 Vanuatu Storage and Milling Company Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.7 Vanuatu Fuel Provider Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.8 Vanuatu Transporter Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.10 Vanuatu Supplier Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.11 Vanuatu Additional Service Provision Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17

5 Vanuatu Annexes

Patricia ThornhillWFPApr-17

5.1 Vanuatu Acronyms & Abbreviations

Patricia Thornhill