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The need for temperature-controlled storage has been increasing in the humanitarian operations over the past few decades, and agencies are becoming more aware of the challenges surrounding temperature sensitive cargo. Temperature control ranges are generally defined in the following ranges:

Temperature RangeCommon Name 
Below -15°C

Frozen Storage

2° to 8°C

Refrigerated Storage

8° to 15°CCool
15° to 25°CClimate Controlled or “Room Temperature”

30° to 40°C


Above 40°

Excessive Heat

Surrounding naturally occurring temperature - Usually considered 25°C +

Ambient Temperature

Field level humanitarian working conditions also frequently preclude any type of temperature-controlled storage capacity, so the need for temperature-controlled conditions must be factored into operational plans when selecting and establishing storage. Any form of temperature-controlled space will require basic equipment – air-conditioners, refrigerators, freezers – and some form of power, most commonly electricity.