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For information on Armenia additional services contact details, please see the following link:

4.11 Armenia Additional Services Contact List

Main Food Suppliers

National staple foodstuffs comprise bread, potatoes, sweet jams and pasta, supplemented by meat, vegetables, dairy products and fruit depending upon the season and availability of food commodities.  Market needs are covered from local producers, meat, dairy products, limited quantity of wheat, potato, fruits, pulses and imported goods from Europe,Russia,Turkey etc


There are many hotels in Armenia, below are the list of at least three of them however in case of long stay it is cost effective to rent an apartment or house which can be done either by specialised companies or through travel agencies.

Additional Operational Support

The market for general goods including construction materials is well developed and it is easy to find and purchase any requested items. Payment can be made by either bank transfer or cash
Quantities are always available and some of producers can even arrange delivery to different parts of Armeniais a net food-importer country. Top import and export destination is Russia. In general, all the products and services are available and can be purchased in Armenia. 

The market relationships in Armenia are being regulated by RA Law on Procurements. There is also a State Committee for Protection of Economic Competition of the RA, the goals of which are protection and promotion of economic competition, creation of appropriate environment for fair competition, contribution to the development of entrepreneurship and protection of consumer rights in the Republic of Armenia. 

The Observatory of Economic Complexity – MIT (OEC)

Disclaimer: Inclusion of company information in the LCA does not imply any business relationship between the supplier and WFP / Logistics Cluster, and is used solely as a determinant of services, and capacities.  

Please note: WFP / Logistics Cluster maintain complete impartiality and are not in a position to endorse, comment on any company's suitability as a reputable service provider.