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Azerbaijan Baku International Sea Trade Port 

Key port information can also be found at: Maritime Database Information on Baku International Sea Port

Port Overview


The Caspian sea fleet plays an important role in transport , but changes in trade and declining production have led to a substantial fall in volume transported . Lying between the black sea and central Asia , Baku is a main international port on the Caspian sea which is seen as a strategic part of Azerbaijan's logistics infrastructure and a key point in the whole logistics corridor through which mineral, commodity and other products pass from central Asia to western markets . The port is assessed throughout the year and is not affected by weather conditions. It has seven quays equipped with 27 cranes hoisting capacity of which ranges from 5 to 40 tons . The port is directly linked to the Azerbaijan rail network through ten rail-sidings . There are mainly two different routes available to move cargoes via Baku port :


For i nformation on Azerbaijan Port of Baku contact details, please see the following link: 

4.2.3 Azerbaijan Port and Waterways Company Contact List

Port Performance

For information on Azerbaijan Port of Baku Port Perfromce details, please see the following documents: 


For information on Azerbaijan Customs Guidance, please see the following links: 

4.2.3 Azerbaijan Port and Waterways Company Contact List

1.3 Azerbaijan Customs Information1.4 Azerbaijan Shipping Instructions

Terminal Information

Multipurpose Terminal

The Passenger Terminal with 340 m berth length is used by foreign and local passenger ships cruising between ports of Caspian countries. The building of the Sea Station that is being refurbished will by equipped with the most modern facilities to ensure comfortable stay of passengers.
The Passenger Terminal is also used by passenger ships carrying oil workers every day to Oily Rocks.

Oil Handling Terminal


Oil Terminal in Dubendi is the largest terminal at the Apsheron peninsula. Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan oil is handled at the terminal and further trans-shipped to the ports on the Black Sea and to the world markets. Terminal includes 2 piers at which 4 tankers with lifting capacities from 5000 to 13000 tons can by handled simultaneously. Up to 15 million tons of cargoes can by handled per annum at the terminal.
Upon completion of Baku - Tbilisi -Jeyhan oil pipeline construction that is being carried out within the framework of `Contract of the Century` significant volumes of oil from abroad is expected to by delivered to Baku for further transfer to international markets. Dramatic increase in transit oil calls of upgrade of existing oil terminal facilities.
There is Vessels Traffic Service operating at the Terminal. It is responsible for safe navigation in the water area. Vessels Traffic Service is equipped with contemporary radio navigation hardware, which provides navigation of ships round-the-clock. Two tugboats, one of 600 and other of 1600 horse power, fulfill operations on safe mooring of vessels.
Terminal is furnished with modern reception facilities for contaminated waters and means for combating environmental pollution and accidental oil discharge.  Two skimmers keep round-the-clock watch within the harbour.


The port area has 10,000 square meters of covered storage and 28,700 square meters of open storage


Port Security


ISPS Compliant

(Yes / No)


Current ISPS Level


Level 1 = Normal, Level 2 = Heightened, Level 3 = Exceptional

Police Boats


Fire Engines