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Mozambique Customs Information

Emergency Response:

[Note: This section contains information which is related and applicable to ‘crisis’ times. These instruments can be applied when an emergency is officially declared by the Government.   When  When this occurs, there is usually a streamlined process to import goods duty and tax free.]

In the following table, state which of the following agreements and conventions apply to the country and if there are any other existing ones


Organizational Requirements to obtain Duty Free Status

United Nations Agencies

Alfãndagas de Moçambique provides application booklets called ‘Certification for Entry of Goods Duty Free for Privileged Persons or Organisation’ to the privileged importers. Applications are filled by the importers and submitted to the Alfãndagas de Moçambique Regional Office for approval. Here are the steps:

  1. As shipping documents are received, the appointed clearing agent is asked to prepare a bill of entry
  2. The bill of entry and the shipping documents are attached to the application for Certification for the Entry of Goods Duty Free for Privileged Persons or Organizations and submitted to the MRA Regional Office for certification
  3. The application shall list details such as the name of the organisation and address, description of goods and value of the commodity in Moçambique Meticais and customs procedure codes
  4. The common regime for imports on IM4 (Imported consumable goods) is 4000 and Customs Procedure Codes(CPC) for the privileged organisation or persons are CPC 4000430 for personal effects and 4000445/215 for goods to be used by the organisation and the application must be signed by the signatory of the organisation

For border clearance the certification is completed when the trucks arrive at the border

Non Governmental Organizations

same as for UN Agencies