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Iraq Aviation 

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All the aviation activities in Iraq are supervised by ICAA. The ICAA is the competent aviation regulator in Iraq: its works include; flight permissions, safety regulations and economical regulations. Any new carrier, need an approval from ICAA prior to the flight commencement.


Despite the challenging environment and years of under investment and deterioration, significant steps towards the reconstruction of the civil aviation sector have been taken by the state authority. Iraq's major airports infrastructure enhancement programs are being under way and provincial governments are upgrading existing airports as well as planning the construction of new airports to cater the growing demand. Iraq is planning to spend about US$ 30bn for the airports, and aviation infrastructure development projects are undergoing (ICAA 2014). 

  • Airport expansion is undergoing in Baghdad, Al Basra, Erbil, An Najaf, Mosul and Sulaymaniyah.
  • New Airport Construction ongoing in Karbala, Kirkuk and Dohuk (See below)
  • 30 airlines are servicing Iraqi Airports
  • 19 civilian airports and 7 military airports


15. Type of commercial agreement with the national carrier (IAW).