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Generally most services that may be required for an agency’s immediate program support needs are available. Up to date technology and training has been imported from Australia and NZNew Zealand.

For more information on company contact details, please see the following link: 4.2.8 Tonga Additional Service Provision Contact List.


Tonga has around 85% of the population on-grid and high levels of supply reliability. Voltage is 220-240V. Plugs are 2 V-shaped flat prongs. Cost of electricity is high largely as a result of Tonga’s reliance on diesel-powered generation for on-grid services.


Service is generally reliable and uninterrupted.  Short localised outages may be experienced as a result of damaged lines after severe storms


Tonga Power Limited (TPL), the national utility, generates and distributes electricity on all four grids (Tongatapu, ‘Eua, Ha‘apai, and Vava‘u), and are currently powered by diesel generators fuelled with automotive diesel oil (ADO).

In 2000, when the last energy balance table was compiled, imported petroleum products accounted for 75% of Tonga's energy supply, with 25% from biomass (i.e. fuel wood and wood waste, coconut and palm oil residues) and off-grid solar PV.


 The The Energy sector has been identified as one of the infrastructure sectors at greatest risk from the impacts of climate change and natural disasters.


is 220-240V. Plugs are 2 V-shaped flat prongs 

Electricity and Power Summary Table

Production Unit


(Hydroelectric, Thermal, etc.)


Capacity (MW)

Current Production (MW)

Tongatapu Grid

Diesel powered generator

Solar photovoltaic plant

7.9 MW

1.2 MW

The total demand for electricity, year ending July 2012 was approximately 53.2 gigawatt-hours

(53,200 MW)


Ha’apai Grid

Diesel powered generator

.372 MW

Vava’u Grid

Diesel powered generator

1.9 MW

Eau Grid

Diesel powered generator


Financial Services

Major Australian and NZ New Zealand bank (ANZ) and Bank Of the South Pacific (BSB) are present in Tonga. There are a number of ATM machines where most major international banks can be accessed, on the 3 main islands. All normal banking facilities are present.


Company Overview

Company Name

ANZ Bank


ANZ Retail Building, Taufa'ahau Rd 





(max / min transfer or exchange amounts, etc.)

Has IBAN, BIC, or SWIFT number?


Swift code ANZBTONN

Provides currency exchange?



Will initiate / receive wire transfers?



Provides Loan / Credit services?



Other Comments or Key Information

All normal banking services available

*Basic details for the main office should be shown here, additional contact details for local/regional offices and full contact details for the main office to be included in 4.2.8 Tonga Additional Service Provision Contact List.

Other Locations


Service Location(s)


Neifu:  Fatafehi Rd (Branch plus ATM)

For contact details, please see: 4.11 Tonga Additional Service Provision Contact List


Bank Of of the South Pacific (BSP)

Offers Premium Banking Services Centres in all major towns in Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Solomon Islands. Publicly listed company.


There are many forklifts and other items of handling equipment operating in the port region ranging from 2 - 30 T mt capacity. Individuals or small operators generally own these. They will be made available in case of emergency under government edict if necessary, however historically such items are readily volunteered in emergency situations.