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Storage facilities are available throughout the country, especially in main urban centres, including all port cities. In smaller towns, it could be difficult to find suitable warehouses. In case of larger humanitarian operations the erection of mobile warehouses (wiikhalls) will be necessary in remote localities.


South-West and North-West do not have the similar constraints:

-           If Buea is located at 70 Km km from Douala, reachable in 1h30 min by car (2h15 for a truck), Bamenda is at 315 Km km and take 6h15 driving to get there from Douala (9h15 with a truck).

-           Because Buea town is close to Douala and economically does not hold important factory, the town does not have a proper warehouse infrastructure in place . Compare to Bamenda which use to have several production plant (even if most of them are close now) or Union such as NWCA (grouping coffee producers).

-           In consequence warehouse in Buea barely get over 300m2 when in Bamenda an 1800 m2 premises could be rent immediately.

-           Nevertheless, a possibility of large storage is possible in Limbe (located at 35 Km South of Buea) to cover SW if required. Or in Kumba (75 Km, north of Buea).

Public Sector Storage

For WFP this is largely through the Office Céréalier du Cameroun (Cereal Board). - most warehouses in Buea do not exceed 300m2. Other storage options to serve this area could be found in Limbe Limbe (located at 35 km south of Buea) or Kumba (75 km, north of Buea). Bamenda used to have several production plants (mostly now closed) or unions such as NWCA (grouping coffee producers) and so premises 1,800 m2 premises are available.

Public Sector Storage

There are many warehouses owned by the Cereal Board (Office Céréalier) throughout the northern regions of the country. The total storage capacity is over 47,000 mt. The Cereal Board has granted WFP the right to use some of these warehouses free of charge whenever it is necessary anywhere its storage facilities are available. For instance WFP is currently storing food in Kousseri, Garoua, Ngam and Beka using Cereal Board premises - a full list is available in this attachment. The Makary site was also used by WFP previously but not anymore. 

NGOs or others other humanitarian actors are not currently allowed to use these warehouses due to as the fact that Cereals’ Board warehouses are only used to store food.

Cold Chain

WFP does not have cold chain. In case a cold chain is needed, it is advisable to contact regional Health Authorities who  who transport and store vaccines and medical drugs to remote and inaccessible areas.