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Administering Agency

Network Length

Class: International

Ministry or Transport and Communications

5,697 km

Class: National

Ministry or Transport and Communications

5,093 km

Class: Local

Ministry or Transport and Communications

8,059 km 

International Corridors


Osh – Irkeshtam (route from People's Republic of China)
This corridor provides the only direct connection between the Ferghana Valley region of Kyrgyzstan, and south western portion of the Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region (XUAR) of PRC. This route has high passes that are frequently blocked by drifting snow, which can cause road closures for several days. The road is also prone to erosion from the flooding during the spring thaw. (ADB report)


Kyrgyzstan highways connect main cities from the north to the south. Mainly 1 lane/side roads are accessible round year, except during heavy weather conditions (snowfall, avalanches and etc).

Osh-Irkeshtam corridorBishkek - Torugart corridorBishkek - Taraz corridorOsh-Isfana corridorOsh-Sarytash corridorSarytash-Karamyk corridorSarytash-Murgab corridor
DescriptionRoute to Peoples' Republic of ChinaRoute to Peoples' Republic of ChinaRoute into KazakhstanBorder with Uzbekistan
Border with Tajikistan
Total Distance258 km550 km285 km274 km185 km133 km230 km
Travel Time3.5 hours7 hours4 hours4 hours4 hours2.5 hours5 hours
Road ClassificationInternational / NationalNationalInternationalNationalNationalNationalInternational
Main towns / hubsOsh, Sary Tash, IrkeshtamBishkek, Kochkor, At Bashy, NarynBishkek, Sokuluk, Karabalta, ChaldovarNookat, Kadamjai, BatkenGulchoSarytash, KaramykSarytash
Surface100% paved (asphalt or concrete)

100% paved (asphalt or concrete)

70% highway, 30% primary roads

100% paved (asphalt or concrete)

Road Conditions80% compacted smooth, snow and ice depending on the seasonIce on mud, depending on the seasonSnow and ice depending on the season

Types of TrafficAll vehiclesAll vehiclesAll vehicles