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Solomon Islands Additional Service Providers: Vehicle Rental, Taxi Companies, Freight Forwarding Agents, Handling Equipment, Power Generation and ISPs

For information on Solomon Islands Additional Service Providers contact details, please see the following link:

4.2.7 Solomon Islands Additional Service Provision Contact List

Vehicle Rental

There are a number of car rental organisations in the Solomon Islands but most only service Guadalcanal.  If you require a car in other parts of the Solomon Islands it is possible to rent taxis with drivers when you arrive or make arrangements with vehicle owners to rent private vehicles. Some rental companies are listed in the contact list given above

Taxi Companies

Taxis are plentiful in Gizo, Auki and Honiara but are less available elsewhere, some of which are listed in the contact list given above. The standard rate for taxis in Honiara is approximately $10 SBD per kilometre but for longer trips a rate can be negotiated before commencing the journey.  You are also able to hire taxis by the hour at a rate of $60 to $80 SBD.

Freight Forwarding Agents

There are a number of companies that do freight forwarding, most of which also have warehousing and do customs clearance. Some of these are listed in the contact list given above

Handling Equipment 

There are a number of companies with handling equipment in the Solomon Islands some of which are listed in the contact list given above. These businesses are concentrated in Honiara.

Electricity and Power 

Reliable and low cost power generation in Solomon Islands is a major challenge, especially given the heavy reliance on diesel plants for power generation. Blackouts are quite common and while many businesses and Government offices rely on standby generators, many small businesses, homes and most micro-enterprises are unable to afford this option. Most households in Solomon Islands do not have access to electricity.

For a description of the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority and for information on Electricity Generation, Supply Electricity and Power Stability, please select the following document:

Solomon Islands Additional Service Providers Additional Information


Note: The information provided in the attached documents, which has been taken from the old DLCA, does not match the structure of the new LCA and is therefore provided separately.

Production Unit

Type [1]

Installed Capacity (MW)

Current Production (MW)










[1] E.g. Hydroelectric power, Thermal power…

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Currently there is only one ISP provider in the market – Our Telekom. In April of 2011 the market was deregulated and other ISP providers are expected to enter the market. Currently the cost of internet is high with slow internet speed and unreliable service.

The current technology is an internet-based GSM service providing broadband services including television, internet and mobile telephones. In addition, a dial-up service is available where there are existing telephone connections. Provincial townships where Telekom has a business centre, with the exception of Lata, have been upgraded with reliable, high speed dial-up services. Other services include solar-powered mobile and fixed GSM phones.

To increase internet availability in rural areas the People First Network (PFNet), funded by UNDP and other donors, has set up work stations in Honiara and throughout the provinces. These provide internet access to rural and remote areas of the country using simple computers, short wave radios and solar power. The European Union has also helped to fund the establishment of internet access via satellite dishes in a number of rural communities.

Internet Service Providers

Are there ISPs available?

(Yes / No)


Private or Government


Dial-up only (Yes / No)


Approximate Rates


74c per minute


512/128Kbps @ 3960 per month, for 12,000 megabytes of traffic

128/64Kbps @ 1406 per month 

Max leasable ‘dedicated’ bandwidth

2048/896 Kbps

An installation fee of SB$1779 applies to all ADSL installations where a modem is provided and SB$1079 where the customer supplies the modemOf 2014 total exports (US$ 646 mil.) 70% rough timber   70% of value of total exports were to China 

Of 2015 total Imports (US$ 440 mil.) 25% petroleum, oils etc., 9% rice, 4% foodstuffs. Share of imports from Australia 27%, share from Singapore 26%

Most necessary products can be procured on the local market. There are a number of competing importers and retailers that meet local demand. They have the ability to scale up if required to meet increased or surge demand. 

In general, local produce can feed the local demand at a basic level, most households have gardens and access to livestock or fish that will sustain them even in the aftermath of natural disasters, this is particularly relevant in the provinces and outer islands where food security is not an issue.

It should be noted that although Solomon Islands imports quite large quantities of food, this is for variety not survival.

There are no major manufacturing or production capabilities in the country.

Generic country information can be located from sources that are regularly maintained and reflect current facts and figures. For a general overview of country data related to the service and supply sectors, please consult the following sources:

The Observatory of Economic Complexity – MIT (OEC)


Disclaimer: Inclusion of company information in the LCA does not imply any business relationship between the supplier and WFP / Logistics Cluster, and is used solely as a determinant of services, and capacities.

Please note: WFP / Logistics Cluster maintain complete impartiality and are not in a position to endorse, comment on any company's suitability as a reputable service provider.