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Syrian Arab Republic Customs Information

Duties and Tax Exemption

For contact information regarding government custom authorities, please follow the link below: 

4.2.1 Syrian Arab Republic Government Contact List

Emergency Response:

[Note: This section contains information which is related and applicable to ‘crisis’ times. These instruments can be applied when an emergency is officially declared by the Government.   When  When this occurs, there is usually a streamlined process to import goods duty and tax free.]

In the following table, state which of the following agreements and conventions apply to the country and if there are any other existing ones


Organizational Requirements to obtain Duty Free Status

United Nations Agencies

 The law N°9 for year 1965 declared that all the cargo imported by UN agencies active and registered officially in Syria are exempted from all the taxes and duties concerning the performed operation under the agreed MOU between UN Agencies and Syria Arab Republic.

Non Governmental Organizations

 No official exemption is given to NGO’s. The exemptions are studied case by case up to the nature of the operation and up to the NGO.

Exemption Certificate Application Procedure

Duties and Taxes Exemption Application Procedure

Generalities (include a list of necessary documentation)

 Syrian Prime Minister is the only authorised party to provide the exemption or to carry out any exemption indicates in the law.

Process to be followed (step by step or flowchart)


The only body who can authorise the expemtion in the country is the Syrian prime minister. Therefore, written request should be submitted to H.E. for approval. The letter should indicate if this exemption is supported by legal statement or it is on exceptional case. The nature of the project, the cargo imported, the entry points and the beneficiaries should be indicated. Upon obtaining such approval, the Prime minister office will send a letter to the concerned ministries to activate and implement the decision taken.

Exemption Certificate Document Requirements


Customs Information

Document Requirements

B/L’s, invoices should carry the same consignee


All cargo of Israeli origin

Prohibited Items

Specific Drugs, Protected Species & Guns

General Restrictions

GMO commodities are not allowed entry to Syria House BL’s are restricted


Transit Regime

The customs clearance for cargo in transit is less complicated than the local imported cargo, as the custom authorities responsibility is to make sure of the safe passage of the in transit cargo from the entry point up to the departure point, all cargo in transit is submitted to convoy fees and escort arrange by the customs.  The The cargo document should indicate clearly the statement of (Cargo in Transit to – name of final destination country). 

Note: For further iCustoms Information on Syria, please see the following document:

Syria Customs Information Additonal Information


Note: The information provided in the attached documents, which has been taken from the old DLCA, does not match the structure of the new LCA and is therefore provided separately.