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Port Overview

There are currently two ports in Gonaives, one public and one private.  This page refers to the public port.

In 2008, the port was badly hit by the Hurricanes Hanna and Ike which damaged the main infrastructure. In 2012, first activities were taken up by APN to reactivate the small port. The pier head of the jetty still shows damages, however, the two sides of the jetty can be used to more coasters and short sea vessels. Key port information may also be found at:

The Ports of Gonaives and Sedren/Terminal Gonaives both lie withing the Baie de Gonaives. They are separate facilities. Both are managed by APN, but Sedren/Terminal Gonaives is reputed to have private ownership. The port in the centre of the town of Gonaives is largely derelict. Sedren/Terminal Gonaives is the more developed port, it was originally constructed as a port to export bauxite mined in the area. Ownership of Sedren/Terminal Gonaives is contested and there is no regular vessel schedule.

Key port information may also be found at:



Port Location and Contact



Province or District


Artibonite Department

Nearest Town or City

with Distance from Port


0 km

Port-au-Prince (142 km)

Port's Complete Name



of Gonaives





Managing Company or Port Authority

Autorite Portuaire Nationale (APN)

Management Contact Person (generic APN contact email)

Directrice - Mme Fleurette + 509 3220 4514

Technical – Pierre Michel St-Armand +509 3323 7337

Nearest Airport and Airlineswith Frequent International Arrivals/Departures

Aéroport international de Cap-Haitien

American Airlines

InterCaribbean Airways

IBC Airways


Port Picture

Toussaint Louverture

Port-au-Prince International Airport

Cap Haitian Airport

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The APN office is in this port. The wharf is dilapidated and unmaintained. There is a pile of boulders in the middle of the quay making it almost impossible to be used. The port area is small and there are no storage facilities. The presence of numerous wrecks makes the approach to the berth treacherous. There is a derelict vessel blocking the potentially most useable berth. This port is used by very small coastal traders, sailing cargo boats and fishing boats. APN ports are free for use by humanitarian organisations carrying cargo that has customs exemption.

Port Pictures

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Berth used by small coastal vessels. There are many submerged wrecks on the approach.

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End of the pier in ruins. Large pile of boulders blocks the access. Derelict vessel in only potentially useable berth.

Berthing Specifications

Type of Berth





Height of berth from sea level


Draft (m)


Conventional Berth/ Ro-Ro



50 m




0 m


Container Berth



Silo Berth



Berthing Tugs



Water Barges




No handling equipment on the berth, equipment and stevedores must be organized individually by agents. Small (wooden) coasters can by unloaded manually, for larger vessels ships gear is mandatory. In case of positioning crane(s) on the wharf, its weight capability must be calculated prior operation!




Total Quantity and Capacity Available

Comments on Current Condition and Actual Usage

Dockside Crane



Container Gantries



Mobile Cranes






RoRo Tugmaster (with Trailer)



Grain Elevator with Bagging Machines

Not assessed



Not assessed



Not assessed



Storage Facilities

Storage Type

Number of Storage Facilities

Area (m2)

Bagged Cargo

Not assessed


Refrigerated Cargo

Not assessed


General Cargo

Not assessed






Many wrecks in area. Silting is likely. Depth unknown

The dog-leg pier is oriented East-West and is well protected deep inside the Baie des Gonaives. There is a very small cement apron littered with boulders. The berth is about 50 m long. The entire wharf is in extremely poor condition The height of the wharf above sea-level is 1.0 m.

Port Handling Equipment

There is no handling cargo equipment in the port.

Storage Facilities

There are no storage facilities.


Security officers are present. The port has a high perimeter wall at the gate but can be easily accessed along the shore.

Port Access

The port is in the centre of town and there is reasonable road access. Traffic congestion might cause some issues at the port entrance at times.