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South Sudan Transporters

The demand for road freight transport has grown significantly since independence. The result is that a large number of local and foreign owned transport providers have entered the market with a variety of capacities and services to offer. This sector is characterised by small to medium sized vehicle fleets and vehicles of differing capacities and maintenance levels. Larger transport providers are able to offer full transport services and operate into neighbouring countries.
In general, road freight transport companies range from small to medium sized operations with access to additional fleet capacity through owner-operator vehicles. Most operators are able to operate throughout the country however in some instances such as during the rainy season or in areas posing a potential security risk transporter can refuse to travel or increase transport costs.
The road freight transport sector is able to meet the current demand of the humanitarian community and foreign operators are allowed to operate domestically on condition that companies are registered. As with other business sectors, the government is actively encouraging local development and ownership and in some instances requires local shareholders in foreign owned companies.