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The individual volume needs of different organisations can vary. A generic list of volumes per common relief item can be found in the below table:

ItemEstimated Weight (Kilogram)Estimated Volume (Cubic Meters)
Blankets (Bale of 20)25-300.15 - 0.2
Body Soap (Carton of 50)100.02
Buckets (Nested Stack of 50)500.4
Cement (50 kg bag)500.04
Empty Jerry Can (10 Litre)0.50.01 - 0.02
Keep Cool Box2-50.025 - 0.075
Latrine Slab120.4
Laundry Soap (Carton of 50)100.018
Mosquito Net (Bale of 50)22-280.1 - 0.2
Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) (Carton of 1,000 Sachet)200.05
Ready to Use Therapeutic Feeding (RUTF) (Carton of 150 Sachet)150.02
Sack of Grain (50 kg sack)500.18
Sleeping Mat (Bundle of 25)200.15
Tarpaulin (4 x 6 meter sheet) (Bale of 5)230.025
Tin of Vegetable Oil (1 Litre)10.001
Zinc Sheeting (Bundle of 20)350.025
Dry Sand (loose large grained - dense fine grained)1,450 - 1,8501
Dry Gravel1500 - 1,7001

Actual items obtained from local or international sources may vary in volumes. Understanding the specific storage needs might involve obtaining the volumetric measurements and all special handling needs of all related relief items from either a supplier or a central distribution warehouse.