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Ensure that the vehicle is refilled with the correct fuel: filling up a diesel vehicle with petrol has irreversible consequences such as destroying the engine.

Use of Outside Fueling 

If regular refilling is done by the vehicles directly in the fuel station (no fuel storage managed by the agency), a refilling procedure should be defined and include the following basic topics:

  • Fuel stations valid for refilling: a regular procurement procedure should be applied to select the most convenient fuel supplier. Consider basic criteria such as: price, fuel quality, proximity, reliability, payment conditions, other available services (tyre tire pressure check, cleaning), etc.
  • People authorized to acquire fuel and maximum quantity.
  • Payment method. Vouchers or post-paid cards are suitable options. Cash should be avoided to avoid the administrative burden, especially with large fleets and multiple drivers. For the use of vouchers and post-paid cards an agreement must be reached with the supplier specifying the terms of use. Below a fuel voucher adapted from Action against Hunger:


To allow reconciliation and payment, the voucher should be printed/filled with carbon copy in 3 sheets:

  1. Responsible for authorisationauthorization
  2. Fuel station
  3. The employee receiving the fuel for subsequent delivery at office for reconciliation and payment purposes.

SelfFor an overview of self-managed fuel bladdersfuel supplies, please review the section on stocking fuel at the end of this guide.

End of Life: Decommissioning and Replacing