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Table of Contents

Airport Overview

The airports listed below have no facilities other than a crushed coral strip and a single small building that acts as cargo and passenger terminal and ticket office.

There is no security screening and refuelling facility in the outer islands, no runway lighting or perimeter fencing, no fire fighting equipment available and other than Penrhyn - no navigation aid. Weather information (AWS) is obtained from Rarotonga Met service or Rarotonga Air Traffic Control, Windsocks are on each of the islands located either end of runway, ground handling to these islands is arranged through Air Rarotonga, main domestic carrier. Aircraft parking is limited. Apart from Manihiki, Penrhn and Pukapuka the airports are located within a short distance of the main village on their respective Island. These airports are non-certified aerodromes, their respective Island Council’s manage state of runway.

Mangaia Island

Mangaia - the southern most island in the Cook Islands, lies east south east of Rarotonga by some 131 miles (114nm/211km).


  • ICAO Locator - NCMG
  • IATA Designator - MGS
  • Runway - 10/28 – 1011m x 30m metres
  • Co-ordinates (WGS84) - 21°53'37"S - 157°54'31"W

Mauke Island

Mauke – lies 173 miles (150nm/278km) northeast of Rarotonga in a group of three islands collectively named Nga-pu-toru. Like Atiu, Mauke had an original short grass runway built in 1977 positioned in the island interior. In the early 1980's a new airstrip of compacted coral was built on the Northern coast. It is a non-certified aerodrome.

  • ICAO Locator - NCMK
  • IATA Designator - MUK
  • Runway - 10/28 – 1592m x 30 metres
  • Co-ordinates (WGS84) - 20°08’14”S - 157°20’38”W

Mitiaro Island

Mitiaro in the Ngaputoru group is the northern most island of the three, with Atiu to the southwest and Mauke to the southeast. Originally built in 1977 the airstrip was later realigned to allow for an improved compacted coral surface and length in the early 1980's. It is a non-certified aerodrome.

  • ICAO Locator - NCMR
  • IATA Designator - MOI
  • Runway - 09/27 – 1200m x 30m
  • Co-ordinates (WGS84) - 19°50’28”S - 157°42’37”W

Atiu Island

At 139 miles from Rarotonga (121nm/224km) Atiu (in the Ngaputoru group) has had air access since 1977 when a short grass runway was built near Areora in the middle for the island. Once local airlines re-equipped with larger aircraft a new airstrip of compacted coral was constructed on the northern coastline that became operational in 1983.

  • ICAO Locator - NCAT
  • IATA Designator - AIU
  • Runway - 09/27 – 1255m x 30m
  • Co-ordinates (WGS84) - 19°58’00”S - 158°07’31”W

Penrhyn Island

The Penrhyn runway was built during World War 2 as part of the allied military initiative along with Aitutaki and Tonga to create an alternative Eastern war time supply route from Hawaii through to Australia and New Zealand. The compacted coral runway was originally nearly 3000 metres long but has since been shortened. The airstrip stretches along a narrow motu (islet) next to the village of Omoka. Penrhyn has an NDB (non directional beacon) which is operated on request.(O/R)

  • ICAO Locator - NCPY
  • IATA Designator - PYE
  • Runway - 14/32 – 2212m x 30m
  • Co-ordinates (WGS84) - 09°00’22”S - 158°02’11”W

Manihiki Island

The Manihiki airstrip was built in the early 1980's but not used commercially until 1991 when it was extended to a length sufficient for commercial flights. Nearby Rakahanga also had an airstrip however destroyed by successive hurricanes. Located on the Northeastern motu (islet) of Tukao, it is 750 miles (652nm/1208km) distance from Rarotonga. It is a non-certified aerodrome.

  • ICAO Locator - NCMH
  • IATA Designator - MHX
  • Runway - 14/32 – 1700m x 30m
  • Co-ordinates (WGS84) - 10°22’28”S - 161°00’12”W

Pukapuka Island

Built in 1993, the compacted coral airstrip is situated on the atoll’s southern motu. 750nm from Rarotonga and 370nm from Pago Pago, Pukapuka is the Cook Islands northwestern most island. It is a non-certified aerodrome.

  • ICAO Locator - NCPK
  • IATA Designator - PZK
  • Runway - 07/25 – 1393m x 30m
  • Co-ordinates (WGS84) - 10°54’55”S - 165°50’43”W