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1 Tajikistan Country Profile

Olimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18
1.1 Tajikistan Humanitarian BackgroundOlimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18
1.2 Tajikistan Regulatory DepartmentsOlimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18
1.3 Tajikistan Customs InformationOlimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18

2 Tajikistan Logistics Infrastructure

David McKeeOlimsho OlimshoevWFPFebMay-1418
2.1 Tajikistan Port AssessmentDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
2.1.1 Latvia Port of RigaDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
2.2 Tajikistan AviationDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
2.2.1 Tajikistan Dushanbe International AirportDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
2.2.2 Tajikistan Qurghonteppa International AirportDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
2.2.3 Tajikistan Khujand International AirportDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
2.2.4 Tajikistan Kulyab AirportDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
2.2.5 Tajikistan Khorog AirportDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
2.2.6 Tajikistan Isfara AirportDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
2.3 Tajikistan Road NetworkDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
2.3.1 Tajikistan Road Corridors to AfghanistanDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
2.4 Tajikistan Railway AssessmentDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
2.5 Tajikistan Waterways AssessmentDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
2.6 Tajikistan Storage AssessmentDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
2.7 Tajikistan Milling AssessmentDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14

3 Tajikistan Logistics Services

David McKeeWFPFeb-14
3.1 Tajikistan FuelDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
3.2 Tajikistan TransportersDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
3.3 Tajikistan Additional Service ProvidersDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
3.4 Tajikistan Manual Labor CostsDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
3.5 Tajikistan TelecommunicationsDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
3.6 Tajikistan Food Suppliers, Accommodation and Other MarketsDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
3.7 Tajikistan Waste Management and Disposal ProvidersDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14

4 Tajikistan Contact Lists

David McKeeWFPFeb-14
4.1 Tajikistan Government Contact ListOlimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18
4.2 Tajikistan Humanitarian Contact ListOlimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18
4.3 Tajikistan Laboratory and Quality Testing Company Contact ListOlimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18
4.4 Tajikistan Port and Waterways Company Contact ListDavid McKeeWFPFeb-14
4.5 Tajikistan Airport Company Contact ListOlimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18
4.6 Tajikistan Storage and Milling Company Contact ListOlimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18
4.7 Tajikistan Fuel Provider Contact ListOlimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18
4.8 Tajikistan Transporter Contact LisOlimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18
4.9 Tajikistan Railway Company Contact ListOlimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18
4.10 Tajikistan Supplier Contact ListsOlimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18
4.11 Tajikistan Additional Service Provision Contact ListOlimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18

5 Tajikistan Annexes

Olimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18
5.1 Tajikistan Acronyms and AbbreviationsOlimsho OlimshoevWFPMay-18