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1 Cyprus Country Profile

Ahmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13
1.1 Cyprus Humanitarian BackgroundAhmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13
1.2 Cyprus Regulatory DepartmentsAhmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13
1.3 Cyprus Customs InformationAhmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13

2 Cyprus Logistics Infrastructure

Ahmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13
2.1 Cyprus Port AssessmentAhmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13
2.1.1 Cyprus Port of LimassolAhmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13
2.1.2 Cyprus Port of LarnacaAhmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13
2.2 Cyprus AviationAhmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13
2.2.1 Cyprus Larnaca International AirportAhmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13
2.2.2 Cyprus Paphos International AirportAhmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13
2.3 Cyprus Road NetworkAhmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13

4 Cyprus Contact Lists

Ahmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13



1 Cyprus Government Contact List

Ahmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13
4.2.2 Cyprus Humanitarian Agency Contact ListAhmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13
4.2.3 Cyprus Port and Waterways Company Contact ListAhmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13
4.2.4 Cyprus Airport Company Contact ListAhmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13

5 Cyprus Annexes

Ahmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13
5.1 Cyprus Acronyms and AbbreviationsAhmed AbuelkheirWFPDec-13