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  • Pelindo II for;Tanjung Priok (Jakarta), Teluk Bayur (West Sumatra), Pulau Baai (Bengkulu) and with;

  • Pelindo I for; Belawan (North Sumatra), Sibolga (North Sumatra)

Port Authorities

Indonesian port authorities answer to the Director General of Sea Transportation and are generally responsible for matters related to management of marine navigation, shipping lanes, port security, port road networks, cargo through flows, development plans and port tariffs.


  1. Major Port (Pelabuhan Utama): a port that serves large ships and a collector port / cargo divider. The four Mayor Ports in Indonesia are: Tanjung Priok (Jakarta), Tanjung Perak (Surabaya),   Belawan (Medan) and Makasar (Sulawesi). In Major Ports, Port Autority (OP) and Harbor Master (Syahbandar) are divided. It usually called Kantor Otoritas Pelabuhan Utama and Kantor Kesyahbandaran Utama.

  2. Branch Port (feeder port): a port which is serving smaller vessels and serve to the main port. In feeder ports, the port authority and harbor master are merged. The office is called Kantor Kesyahbandaran dan Otoritas pelabuhan (KSOP) class I – V (the classification is based on the Number of vessel calls and cargo movement (TEUs or MT) per year.

Ports in Sumatra Island

In relation to the emergency plan for Western Sumatra, herein:


  1. Sibolga (Sibolga)

  2. Pulau Baai (Bengkulu)

  3. Teluk bayur (Padang)


Ports in Java Island

In relation to the emergency plan for Southern Java, herein:


  1. Tanjung priok (Jakarta)

  2. Tanjung Perak (Surabaya)    

B. Branch/ Feeder Ports include: