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Somalia Bossaso International Airport (Puntland)

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  Bender Qasim International Airport, which serves Bossaso, is operative only during the daytime. Travellers Travelers can obtain visas upon arrival.

The airport has been upgraded and the upgrade cost about US $10 million. The renovation work aimed to expand the airport’s runway from 1.7 km to 2.6 km, construct duty-free shops, improve parking areas for both passenger and cargo planes, and cars and the expansion of immigration offices. The expansion exercise was launched in December 2014 and accomplished in January 2016. The project was undertaken by China Civil Engineering and Construction Company (CCECC).

Planes with much bigger capacities will now be able to fly directly to the port city. Recently the flights were provided by small air charter firms with small crafts.

Location Details
CountrySomaliaLatitude11° 17’ 00” N
Province / DistrictBossasoLongitude49° 11’ 00” N
Town or City (Closest)Bossaso (5 km)Elevation (ft and m)30 feet asl
Airfield NameBender Qasim AirportIATA and ICAO CodesBSA & HCMF
Open From (hours)0600 Open To (hours)1800


  • During the month of Aug-Oct crosswinds of up to 30 knots occur in the morning; the winds are less ferocious in the afternoons.
  • Airfield The airfield is difficult easy to see from the air as it is the same colour as the surroundings.Asphalt Concrete.
  • Runway: 09/27 Asphalt Concrete
  • Coordinates:
    • Runway 09: 11° 16’ 32” N, 49° 7' 48 E
    • Runway 27: 11° 16’ 32” N, 49° 8' 56” E
  • Runway length/width: 2,400 m x 45 m, with 7.5 m shoulder a side.
  • Apron: 145 m x 150 m Concrete
  • Touchdown Runway 27 is 340 m concrete with a turning pad of 80 m concrete.
  • Taxiway width: 23 m with 10.5 m shoulders of asphalt concrete
  • Aerodrome reference Code: CAT 4E
  • Aerodrome Elevation: 30 ft AMSL
  • The airport is in between a mountainous terrain rising at some points up to over 5,000 feet asl to the South and South East of the field. There are occurrences of dust storms in the area.

Runway #1

Runway Dimensions

1,700 m x 20m20 m






Performance for 2013

Annual Figures


Total aircraft movements


Total passengers


Total capacity of the airport (metric tonnes)


Current activity of the airport (metric tonnes)


Current use by Humanitarian flights (UNHAS)


Airport Operating Details

Operating Details
Maximum sized aircraft which can be offloaded on bulk cargo:DASH-8
Maximum sized aircraft that can be offloaded on palletDASH-8
Total aircraft parking area (m²)Info not available
Storage Area (mt)NoCubic Meters (m³)n/a
Cargo Handling Equipment Available (Yes / No)NoIf "Yes" specify below
Elevators / Hi Loaders (Yes / No)NoMax Capacity (mt)n/a
Can elevators / hi loaders reach the upper level of a B747 (Yes / No)No
Loading Ramps (Yes / No)No

Storage Facilities

There are storage facilities in Bossaso as per described above but hardly used as cargo is removed from airport for security reasons on day of arrival.




Navigation Charges

Night landings are not permitted


 Price per Unit
Jet A-1$1.26 / litre

Companies Available 

For information on Somalia airport contact details, please see the following link: 4.2.5 Somalia Airport Company Contact List

Information on some aviation service providers can be found at: