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Food Suppliers

Kyrgyzstan mainly imports food commodities from Kazakhstan and Russia (vegetable oil, wheat, wheat flour). Locally produced white beans are exported. There are number of solid food manufacturers and traders in the country, who deal with production, import and distribution of food commodities in the country. The food market is relatively competitive. Over 8,000 MTN of commodities (mainly wheat flour and white beans) were procured for WFP operations in 2010/2011 through competitive tendering which presents availability, competitiveness and solid capacity of the food manufacturers/traders. There is a large number of vegetable oil producers (cotton oil) in the southern regions of the country; however, the production of sunflower oil is limited. Fortification equipment for wheat flour is widely available, but not well practiced, as the country has recently adopted the technology, equipment and premixes. The Government, however, is introducing a new decree obliging all manufacturers/traders to produce import fortified food commodities. The food production capacities available in the country meet WFP food quality standards.