Marshall Islands
Marshall Islands - 3 Marshall Islands (RMI) Services and Supply

Few services exist outside the capital on Majuro Atoll. All goods are imported into RMI, except for a few items including tuna and coconut products. The retail and business sector relies on the import of goods from China, Nauru, Fiji, Taiwan, South Korea and the United States.

The retail sector consists of several multi-sector supermarkets providing items ranging from food, clothing kitchenware, white goods, sporting goods, and hardware. There are four main supermarkets – K and K, Cost Price, Triple J and Formosa. Goods are expensive and small local convenience stores are scattered throughout the communities availing various items for daily use.

While there is a computer store and stationary supplies store, predominantly small entrepreneurs operate niche services and stores based on importing of goods from boat motors to engine oil.

Importing spare parts and finding skilled service technicians to repair is challenging for anything other than basic repairs. Evidence of this is the plethora of car bodies and heavy equipment carcasses scattered throughout the atolls unable to be repaired.

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