Marshall Islands - 2.3 Marshall Islands (RMI) Road Network

A sealed road network exists only on the main islands of Majuro, Kwajalein (US Base) and Ebeye. Roads are mostly unpaved and are made up of coral laterite. Many islands have no or few vehicles and therefore no vehicular roads. Transport around the outer islands is usually by walking track with goods being moved using wheelbarrows or push carts on the smaller atolls with larger atolls having pickups available.

Sealed roads are in average condition. Drainage exists but large puddles of water appear after heavy rain.

Some of the main companies, such as Pacific International Inc and Robert Reimers Inc, have private commercial vehicles. Local supermarkets also have small delivery vans.

Distance Matrix

Travel Time in Major Towns


Road and travel time


2 hours or 50 km end to end


1 hour or 10 km end to end

Road Security

Traffic moves at a 40 km max speed on the island of Majuro and Ebeye, creating a very low risk of accidents.

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