Ghana - 2.3.1 Border Crossing of Sampa

Land Border Crossing Overview: 

Sampa is a town in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana, on the border with Côte d'Ivoire. It is the capital of Jaman North District and was formerly the site of a slave market. It is the biggest border town in Ghana with a population of over 36,000. There are 8 entry points in the region, but Sampa is the biggest entry point to the northern of Ivory Coast.  


Name of Border Crossing: 

(If crossing has a different name in each country, please indicate in the following format: Name [Country]/Name[Country]) 

Sampa [Ghana] / Soko [Ivory Coast] 

Province or District: 

Western Region / Brong-Ahafo 

Nearest Town or City: 

(Nearest location with distance from port) 


3 (km) 





Managing Authority/Agency: 

Customs Division 

Contact number 



Travel Times 

Nearest International Airport: 

Bondoukou in Ivory Coast 

13 (km) 

Truck: 1 hour 

Car: 15 minutes 

Nearest Port: 

Tema in Ghana 

520 (km) 

Truck: 14 

Car: 8 hours 

Nearest Major Market: 

(Nearest location with functioning wholesale markets, or with significant manufacturing or production capacity.) 

Sampa on Mondays  

3 (km) 

Truck: 10 minutes 

Car: 5 minutes 

Other Information: 

(Please provide additional details of this route if relevant, such as information about whether there are fuelling stations or weighing bridges en-route.)  


There are 7 fuelling stations in Sampa. There aren’t any weighing bridges en route.  


Hours of Operation 


06:00 – 18:00 


06:00 – 18:00 


06:00 – 18:00 


06:00 – 18:00 


06:00 – 18:00 


06:00 – 18:00 


06:00 – 18:00 


(List dates of closure and hours of operation if different from regular schedule.) 

 No dates of closure during the year. 


(i.e., winter months, rainy season, etc.) 

During the rainy season from May to September.  


Daily Capacity: 

There isn’t any lane for private car. A parking area is available at the site with security during the night. Around 10 trucks cross the border on daily basis in both ways and around 20 private vehicles. 

Customs Clearance: 

The Post is not computerized but uses the manual method. For the exportation: A custom document titled ‘Non-Traditional Export Form’ should be filled by the exporter. The customs process the document made in 10 copies; 1 for the exporter, 1 for the Customs, 1 for the Ministry of Trade, 1 for the Ministry of Finance, 1 for the Statistical Services, 1 for the Customs HQ and 1 for the Ministry concerned. For the importation, the truck and cargo should be accompanied by Proforma Invoice which is considered the ‘Bill of Lading’, the Waybill, packing list. For the food imported, the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture should approve the consignment. There is lab available at Sunyama where a sample of the cargo will be examined. Depending on the feedback from the lab, the Ministry of Agriculture issues an import certificate to be joined to the documents. The consignment then could be released from the Customs. The process takes 1 day or 2 days depending on the information. All foreign trucks must enter with a temporary importation certificate. There is only one inspection conducted on the truck and the cargo with the presence of all the representatives of the ministries concerned. The customs duties if applicable are paid at the post in cash.  

Other Relevant Information: 

Trucks need to wait 1 day to 2 days depending on the information from the outside. Only one inspection is conducted on the truck and cargo. The importation of medicines requires an importation permit from the Ministry of Health and if livestock then a health permit is needed from the Vet. Services.   

For more information on government agency and airport company contact information, please see the following links: 4.1 Government Contact List.






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