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Ethio telecom, previously known as the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC), is an Ethiopian telecommunication company founded in 2010 serving as the major internet and telephone service provider. Ethio telecom is owned by the Ethiopian government and maintains a monopoly over all telecommunication services in Ethiopia till 2021. Based in Addis Ababa, it is one of the "Big-5" group of state owned corporations in Ethiopia, along with Ethiopian Airlines, the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Insurance Corporation, and the Ethiopian Shipping Lines.  

As part of the Ethio Telecom network expansion strategic plan, in November 2022 the company has launched 4G LTE services in 67 towns and made additional 4G LTE network expansions in the already service launched 27 towns. Based on this, a total of 181 towns, are connected with the 4G LTE service countrywide.  

In May 2022, Ethio Telecom announced the launching of 5G services in Addis Ababa in six mobile stations and plan to extend to other major cities. 

The Ethio Telecom has about 97% telecom services coverage in Ethiopia, being the biggest Telecom operator in the Country. 

Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia started operating in Ethiopia in 2021 after winning applicant for a license to operate telecommunication services in Ethiopia. Safaricom Ethiopia is an international consortium named the Global Partnership for Ethiopia, comprising Safaricom Plc, Vodafone Group, , Sumitomo Corporation and British International Investment (formerly known as CDC Group). They were granted a nationwide full-service Unified Telecommunications Service License on 9 July 2021 and were officially registered as Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia Plc in July 2021.  

Safaricom Telecommunications Ethiopia Officially Launched their services in October 2022. The current network coverage is accessible from this link 

Existing Humanitarian Telecoms Systems 

UN telecommunication system: 

For Voice 

  1. HF and VHF 

  1. VSAT Foodsat Local 

  1. PBX integrated with Extension. 

  1. Thuraya Satphone devices 

For Data 

  1.  Ethio Telecom Fiber ISP link 

  1. VSAT link and 

  1. Thuraya IP Data terminal 

WFP depends mainly on Local ISP and VSAT link for the data connectivity in the field. WFP’s vehicles are fitted with HF & VHF mobile radios. Additionally portable handset radios are distributed to staffs to facilitate operations in the field. 

Existing UN Telecommunications Systems 



VHF frequencies 

Rx: 152.75 MHz, Tx: 157.675 

HF frequencies 

 8.94 Mhz, 5.44 Mhz, 6.88 Mhz, 5.118 Mhz, 7.510 Mhz, 7.855 Mhz, 9.185Mhz, 10.960Mhz, and 11.105 Mhz. 



  ECA, JIJGA, Gode, Dire dawa , Mekelle,  and Dessie 


All WFP offices have the Corporate VSAT solution except for the Bahir Dar, Kombolcha and Gondar Offices.  

WFP Ethiopia has 18 Offices in the Country. 


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