Dominican Republic
4.7 Dominican Republic Fuel Providers Contact List



Street / Physical Address


Phone Number (office)


 Description of Services Provided


Santo Domingo

Calle D, Casi Esq. Romulo Betancourt, Zona Industrial de Herrera

(Nave Metales y Derivados, Frente a Hormigones Moya)

809-534-0993 / 809-530-7598 / 

Fax: 809-531-5975

From the dispatch of fuel to the residence, industry or commerce, to the installation of tanks and the required advisory.

Olio, Combustible a Domicilio

Santo Domingo

Calle Romance No. 10 - Santo Domingo Norte


Distribution and supply of fuel to industries, companies, residences, shopping malls and individuals.

Synergy Group

Santo Domingo

Av. Gustavo Mejía Ricart #69, Torre Washington Suite 2C,

809 563-0505 Ext. 1; 809-284-7770

Sale, transportation and technical advice in the fuel sector. The service includes fuel deliveries to: industries, free trade zones, hotels, shops, residences, apartment buildings, offices, construction project camps, deliveries in ports for boats.

Refineria Dominicana de Petróleo (REFIDOMSA)

San Cristóbal

Carretera Sánchez Km. 17.5, Zona Industrial. Haina, San Cristóbal


Fax: 809-957-3566

Satisfy customer's demand of energy and petroleum products.

Asociación Dominicana de Distribuidores De Combustible y Derivados

Santo Domingo

Autopista Duarte, KM. 10 1/2

Ensure the correct distribution of fuels and its derivatives.

Gasoil Xpress

Sale and distribution of diesel with home delivery service. Fuel supply for the residential, industrial, mining, maritime, and ground transportation sectors. The supply of lubricants and greases for the industrial, maritime and automotive sectors. Sales to the commercial and industrial sectors of the XP3 additive.


809-364-1000 ext. 2218; 809-364-1000 ext. 2285

Provide the automotive, industrial and commercial sector with petroleum-derived fuels, lubricants, industrial and automotive oils and greases.

Rilix Combustibles


Autopista Duarte KM 12 ½, Santiago De Los Caballeros



Fuels sales through gasoline stations in the Dominican Republic.

Trans-Diesel del Caribe

Santo Domingo

Av Monumental 12, Santo Domingo

809-560-6445; 809-561-6887

Fuel distribution throughout the national territory.

Empresas Lluberes

Santo Domingo

Avenida Independencia # 632, Zona Universitaria


Fuel sales in the Dominican Republic.

Economizador de combustibles

Sale of fuel economizer.


Santo Domingo

Av. Principal No. 14, Los Rios, Santo Domingo


Fuel distribution throughout the national territory.

Kinetic, SRL

Santo Domingo

Av. Winston Churchill #71 Edif. Lama Suite 201, Santo Domingo

Supply of fuels and its derivatives.

Combustibles Ecológicos

Santo Domingo

C/ Segunda, Local 2, Altos Arroyo Hondo, Km.10 1/2, Autopista Duarte, Santo Domingo;;

809-378-1000; 809-732-4853

Fuel sales and home delivery in the Dominican Republic.

United Petroleum

San Cristóbal

Bajos de Haina 91000, San Cristóbal


Transport and distribute fuels wholesale and retail.

Sigma Petroleum

San Cristóbal

Avenida 27 de Febrero #355, Santo Domingo


Fuel sales, distribution and transport in the Dominican Republic.


Santo Domingo

Calle Primera #5, Villa Aura, Santo Domingo Oeste


Excom Hispaniola

Santo Domingo

Av San Martin 279, Santo Domingo


Fuel distributor and importer.

Grupo Credigas-Nativa

Santo Domingo

Carretera Mella, Km. 7 1/2 , No. 526, Cancino I, Santo Domingo Este


Distribute propane gas and fuels.

Eco Petróleo Dominicana

Santo Domingo

Ave. Rómulo Betancourt, No. 527, El Renacimiento, Santo Domingo


Fuel distributor to retailers, partners and end consumers.

Sunix Petroleum, S.A.

Santo Domingo

Av. Winston Churchill esquina calle Rafael Augusto Sánchez, Piantini, Santo Domingo


Distribution of gasoline and diesel products in the Dominican Republic.

Shell República Dominicana

Santo Domingo

Calle Francisco Prats Ramirez No. 412 esq. Bohechio, Ens. Quisqueya, Santo Domingo


Exclusive distributor of the energy and petrochemical sector.


Santo Domingo

C/Marginal Nuñez #364, El Millón, Santo Domingo


Sale of petroleum products and complementary services.

TOTAL República Dominicana

Santo Domingo

Torre Acrópolis, Piso 10. Av. Winston Churchill, Ensanche Piantini




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