Ecuador - 2.2.12 Coronel Edmundo Carvajal National Airport (Macas)

Airport Overview

The Macas Airport, also known as the Coronel Edmundo Carvajal Airport, is an airport serving Macas, the capital of Morona-Santiago Province in Ecuador. The airport  is located 1.9 nautical miles (3.5 km) off the approach threshold of Runway 19. The city of Macas (Morona Santiago) is the connection point for the Taisha, Gualaquiza, Limón Indanza, and Morona cantons and provides connectivity to 80 tracks in various communities in the sector; places where there is no other mode of transport than air. It is the only means of access to an average of 147 tracks of the Shuar and Achuar ethnic groups. There are 17 DGAC officials working in the terminal that allow the population to communicate with the rest of Ecuador.




The Trans Cutucú Region area is located on the border with Peru, crossing the Trans Cutucú mountain range.

The average cost of each flight to the Trans Cutucú is $250. The trip is carried out with 5 pax capacity Cessnas, Pipers, who finance the trip. Average flight time is 20-30 minutes to any point in the jungle. Air transport becomes essential for dozens of inhabitants of remote rural areas, as it is the the only means of access to an average of 147 tracks of the Shuar and Achuar ethnic groups, who do not have other communication channels.



Airport Location and Contact



Province or District


Nearest Town or City
with Distance from Airport


Airport’s Complete Name

Aeródromo Nacional “Coronel Edmundo Carvajal”





Elevation (ft and m)

1052 m   3451 ft





Managing Company or Airport Authority

Dirección General de Aviación Civil

Aeródromo Nacional “Coronel Edmundo Carvajal”

Management Contact Person

Jefatura Aeropuerto Macas

593 7 2700258

NGO and/or UN Presence at Airport?



Air lines that operate with service to MACAS

MACAS is the main airport serving this area and is the departure and arrival point of flights operated by TAME Línea Aereas del Ecuador in the region, also Aero Morona, Aerokashurco, Aerosangay, Aeromacas and Amazonía Verde. There are also occasional Air Force flights.



The Coronel Edmundo Carvajal Airport is located between the town of Santa Ana and Nueva Jerusalem.



The dimensions of the runway 2,560 m runway long by 30 m. wide and has all the air navigation services that make both minor and major aviation operations possible. The Hercules of the Armed Forces with capacity for 100 passengers and the Embraer 190 for commercial flights with 70 occupants are the largest aircraft that operate at the airport.



Runway Dimensions

2500 m x 30 m

Runway Orientation

02 / 20

Runway Surface

Pavement, asphalt

Runway Condition



  1. Turning 180° prohibited in RWY 02/20.
  2. It is strictly prohibited to carry out a right traffic circuit for runway 20 and a left traffic circuit for runway 02, except for overflights.






Not established, APN is used. There are also private helipads, resistance of platform: Unknown



Photo, Google, Alejandro Torres, Image capture Mar 2022


Air transport, also known as aeromedical evacuation, is the action of carrying wounded, affected, injured and/or sick people through the air (in airplanes, helicopters, small planes, among other rotary-wing or fixed-wing aircraft). These transports by air are carried out:

  1. When the area where the alert is registered is very difficult to access for relief personnel (on foot or in logistics vehicles) and the displacement of an aircraft from the relief entities must be activated to rescue and mobilize those affected.
  2. When the situation of the injured person and the degree of his injuries seriously compromise his physical integrity and it is necessary for him to be transferred urgently and as quickly as possible to a specialized health center.

In 2022 in the Amazon, ECU 911 Macas *  managed the support of a private company for the air transfer of a child with health problems from the Banderas community, bordering Peru. A helicopter from the Lowell Mineral Exploration company was activated. The 10-year-old minor was taken in an ambulance from the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) to the Edmundo Carvajal airport in Macas and then to the Macas General Hospital for a more specialized evaluation.

In the same community, another transport by air was carried out of a 17-year-old Peruvian woman who was pregnant. Due to the degree of difficulty in accessing the area and the complications in the pregnancy (which put the life of the woman and her child at risk), it was essential to immediately transport the patient to a health home, where she was treated. with her baby and had no subsequent complications.

(*)ECU 911 Macas Morona Santiago, Ecuador  coordinates  -2.30283880234, -78.1229476929

ECU 911 call center (Quito) Phone: +593 2-380-0700

Citizens who have an emergency anywhere in Ecuadorian territory can request help through the following mechanisms: call to the single emergency line 911 and the ECU 911 smartphone application.



Airport Infrastructure Details


Passenger / Cargo Security Screening


Runway Lighting


Refueling Capacity


Ground Handling Services


Air Traffic Control

Yes 2, 6

Fire Fighting Equipment

Yes  CAT 5

Weather Information

Yes 5

Aircraft Parking Space


Navigation Aids

Yes 1, 3, 4,

Perimeter Fencing







  1. Type of help MAG VAR, type of OPS supported (for VOR/ILS/ MLS, indicated decline): VOR/DME (3°W/2017) ID: MSV. NDB ID: MAS The Macas VOR-DME (Ident: MSV) is located 1.9 nautical miles (3.5 km) off the approach threshold of Runway 19. The Macas non-directional beacon (Ident: MAS) is located on the field.

  2. MACAS CTR RDO 10 NM centered on VOR/DME MSV COORD 021527S 0780636W.

  3. To manage the air traffic that operates in this sector, when the use of the 123.45 MHZ frequency is mentioned, the procedure called TIBA (Traffic Information Broadcast by Aircraft) will be applied, which consists of pilots disseminating relevant complementary reports and data on this frequency. to warn the pilots of other aircraft in the vicinity

  4. The Aerodrome Control Service (ATZ) of the “Coronel Edmundo Carvajal” Aerodrome will provide the Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS) to the extent of the reach of the 123.0 MHZ frequency in airspace classified as “Class G”.

  5. MACAS associated MET office Ph: 593 2 2947400 ext. 3315

  6. There is Increase in air operations, mainly minor aviation and helicopters that fly at low levels


Fuel Services Charges

Macas Airport fuel types: JET A-1

NOT operational

Royalties / Non Objection Fees (NOFs)




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