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  1. 2 Armenia Logistics Infrastructure

    2.61 LPI rate.  In general, intra-country logistics infrastructure is in a quite good condition: all the roads are passable, and shipment prices are very … and fog common on high passes. The result is high transport costs, particularly for traded goods, and expensive infrastructure development and maintenance
  2. 2 Tajikistan Logistics Infrastructure

    The following sections contain information on the logistics infrastructure of Tajikistan  The national logistical infrastructure has received significant … compared to 2.53 in 2014 when it ranked 114, evidencing an important decline in the overall infrastructure capacity. For additional information on the Tajikistan LPI
  3. 2 Tonga Logistics Infrastructure

    Since the first NIIP (National Infrastructure Investment Plan) was prepared in 2010, an estimated T$300 million invested in economic infrastructure projects … underway or committed The complete list of future investment projects identified by the 2013 NIIP includes 74 projects spread across the economic infrastructure
  4. 2 Mozambique Logistics Infrastructure

    Logistics Infrastructure Overview  Mozambique is a long but fairly narrow country, with an area of 801,537 km2 that stretches over 2,500 km of coastline … . The logistics infrastructure was designed to provide adequate gateways for the hinterland traffic through an integrated ports and railways system. The road
  5. 2 Algeria Logistics Infrastructure

    routes. infrastructure
  6. 2 Kiribati Logistics Infrastructure

    islands to improve facilities and infrastructure. International donor bodies (European Union, Asian Bank and various foreign Governments (incl. NZ, Australia
  7. 2 Bangladesh Logistics Infrastructure

    Bangladesh Logistics Infrastructure  The following sections contain information regarding the logistics infrastructure of Bangladesh. BGD_GLPM_A2P_20160601.png infrastructure
  8. 2 Iran Logistics Infrastructure

    The following section contains information on the logistics infrastructure of Iran. IRN_LCA_Overview_A4L_20190809.png   Overview of current situation with supply chain (May 2019) The transportation logistics infrastructure in Iran is well developed and organized, covering the four main shipment options – air, sea
  9. 2 Burundi Logistics Infrastructure infrastructure
  10. 2 Togo Logistics Infrastructure

    The Government's objectives in the transport sector include improving the maintenance of the road infrastructure and the competitiveness of the Togolese corridor for transporting goods to the landlocked countries of the hinterland.  The development of the national logistical infrastructure occupies a central place