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  1. 4.10 Nigeria Supplier Contact List

    0000 +234 09037751558 A very wide range of products for agency requirements, from hardware … 8033112697 Kenoaustics Concerns (Wa) Ltd Security Equipment Abuja Suite B31 Ide Plaza, Obafemi Awolowo Way
  2. 3.6 Nigeria Additional Services

    Stock Exchange. United Bank employs about 12,500 staff and serves more than 14 million customers around the world. It operates in 19 African countries … as major publishing centres. Commercial services for printing a wide range of items such as corporate printing, brochures, journals, magazines, event prints
  3. Port of Calabar Additional Information.docx

    Storage Facilities: Port Storage  Total floor space Quantity Floor Area (m2) Main Quay Transit Sheds4215m lonng 40m wideBack of Port Transit Sheds3
  4. Bangladesh Port of Chittadong Port Security.doc

    Authority) Committee Country wide ISPS implementation in relevant maritime sector of Bangladesh is governed by the DA committee headed by the Director General
  5. 5.1 Cote d'Ivoire Acronyms and Abbreviations

    Smart Aperture Terminal WASH Water, Sanitation and Hygiene WCO World Customs Organisation WFP World Food Programme WHO World Health Organisation WVI World Vision International acronyms abbreviations
  6. GLCSC LCA BOLIVIA ISP Providers 140930.docx

    ,-WIFI,-Wimax,-3G,-4G/8316/DIGITAL-WORLD-SERVICE-S.A..html" \t "_self" DIGITAL WORLD SERVICE S.A. Cochabamba  HYPERLINK … ",-WIFI,-Wimax,-3G,-4G/41152/PHONE-WORLD.html" \t "_self" PHONE WORLD Cochabamba  HYPERLINK
  7. 1.1 Iran Humanitarian Background

    of refugees living in the Islamic Republic of Iran, a significant number of refugee households continue to require humanitarian support. In 2012, 840,500 Afghan … services are equipped with snowploughs.   November to February   Secondary Road Transport  Roads leading to Afghan & Iraqi refugee camps are affected
  8. Sudan Required import docs for WFP food.pdf

      World Food  Programme    Programme  Alimentaire  Mondial  Programa  Mundial de  Alimentos    World Food Programme   P O Box 913, 653A Block 68, Arkawit, Khartoum, Sudan  Switchboard: +249912002000  General Fax: +249183248003      WFP SUDAN - FOOD IMPORT REQUIREMENTS (updated 27 July 2011) A. CEREALS
  9. 2.1.2 Bangladesh Port of Mongla

    89.59283. The Port is well protected by the largest mangrove forest Sunderbans, which has been declared as "World Heritage" in 1977 by UNESCO. Since 1950, Chalna … is 65 Nautical miles. Restrictions Entrance to the Pussur river is about 2 miles wide at the mouth and has a bar about 5 nautical miles from the Fairway
  10. Nigeria Additional Service Suppliers Additional Details.docx

    . 400, 226 Website: HYPERLINK "" • Caterpillars – Used for a wide range of varied applications