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Country Name


Official Country Name

Republic of Zambia


Table of Content

ChapterName of AssessorOrganizationDate updated 

1 Zambia Country Profile

Dorothy HectorWFPOct-17
1.1 Zambia Humanitarian BackgroundDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
1.2 Zambia Regulatory Departments & QualityDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
1.3 Zambia Customs InformationDorothy HectorWFPOct-17

2 Zambia Logistics Infrastructure

Dorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.1 Zambia Port AssessmentDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.1.1 Zambia Mpulungu HarbourDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.1.2 Zambia Port of NchelengeDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.2 Zambia AviationDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.2.1 Zambia Lusaka - Kenneth Kaunda International AirportDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.2.2 Zambia Livingstone – Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International AirportDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.2.3 Zambia Ndola - Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe - Internaational AirportDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.2.4 Zambia Mfuwe International AirportDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.2.5 Zambia Kitwe - Southdown National AirportDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.2.6 Zambia Mongu National AirportDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.2.7 Zambia Solwezi National AirportDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.2.8 Zambia Mansa National AirportDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.2.9 Zambia Kasama Airport National AirportDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.2.10 Zambia Chipata Airport National AirportDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3 Zambia Road NetworkDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.1 Zambia Border Crossing of MokamboDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.2 Zambia Border Crossing of KasumbulesaDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.3 Zambia Border Crossing of JimbeDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.4 Zambia Border Crossing of ChavumaDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.5 Zambia Border Crossing of Katima MulilloDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.6 Zambia Border Crossing of KazungulaDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.7 Zambia Border Crossing of Victoria FallsDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.8 Zambia Border Crossing of NchelengeDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.9 Zambia Border Crossing of ChipunguDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.10 Zambia Border Crossing of ChembeDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.11 Zambia Border Crossing of MpulunguDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.12 Zambia Border Crossing of ZombeDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.13 Zambia Border Crossing of Nakonde/Tunduma (one stop)Dorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.14 Zambia Border Crossing of LusunthaDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.15 Zambia Border Crossing of MwamiDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.16 Zambia Border Crossing of ChanidaDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.17 Zambia Border Crossing of ChirunduDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.18 Zambia Border Crossing of KaribaDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.3.19 Zambia Border Crossing of LuangwaDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.5 Zambia Waterways AssessmentDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.4 Zambia Railway AssessmentDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.6 Zambia Storage AssessmentDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
2.7 Zambia Milling AssessmentDorothy HectorWFPOct-17

3 Zambia Logistics Services

Dorothy HectorWFPOct-17
3.1 Zambia FuelDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
3.2 Zambia TransportersDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
3.3 Zambia Manual LabourDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
3.4 Zambia TelecomunicationsDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
3.5 Zambia Food and Additional SuppliersDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
3.5.1 Zambia Food SuppliersDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
3.5.2 Zambia Additional SuppliersDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
3.6 Zambia Additional Service ProvidersDorothy HectorWFPOct-17

4 Zambia Contact Lists

Dorothy HectorWFPOct-17
4.1 Zambia Government Contact ListDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
4.2 Zambia Humanitarian Agency Contact ListDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
4.3 Zambia Laboratory and Quality Testing Companies Contact ListDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
4.4 Zambia Harbour Companies Contact ListDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
4.5 Zambia Airport Companies Contact ListDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
4.6 Zambia Storage and Milling Companies Contact ListDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
4.7 Zambia Fuel Providers Contact ListDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
4.8 Zambia Transporter Contact ListDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
4.9 Zambia Railway Companies Contact ListDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
4.10 Zambia Supplier Contact ListDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
4.11 Zambia Additional Services Contact ListDorothy HectorWFPOct-17

5 Zambia Annexes

Dorothy HectorWFPOct-17
5.1 Zambia Acronyms and AbbreviationsDorothy HectorWFPOct-17
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