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 Republic of Vanuatu

The following LCA chapters provide the key information required for international assistance during a disaster.

Also attached are Provincial level assessments that provide more context on the logistical constraints at the island level, and guidance for logistics planning of relief distribution and evacuation of the more populated outer islands.

Table of Contents

ChapterName of AssessorOrganizationDate updated 

1 Vanuatu Country Profile

Patricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
1.1 Vanuatu Humanitarian BackgroundPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
1.2 Vanuatu National Regulatory DepartmentsPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
1.3 Vanuatu Customs InformationPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17

2 Vanuatu Logistics Infrastructure

Patricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.1 Vanuatu Port AssessmentPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.1.1 Vanuatu Port of Port VilaPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.1.2 Vanuatu Port of Luganville, SantoPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.2 Vanuatu AviationPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.2.1 Vanuatu Bauerfield International AirportPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.2.2 Pekoa AirportPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.2.3 Vanuatu Whitegrass AirportPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.3 Vanuatu Road NetworkPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.4 Vanuatu Storage AssessmentPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
2.5 Vanuatu Waterways AssessmentPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17

3 Vanuatu Logistics Services and Supply

Patricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
3.1 Vanuatu FuelPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
3.2 Vanuatu TransportersPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
3.3 Vanuatu Additional Service ProvidersPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
3.4 Vanuatu Manual Labor CostsPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
3.5 Vanuatu TelecommunicationsPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
3.6 Vanuatu Food Suppliers, Accommodation and other MarketsPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17

4 Vanuatu Contacts

Patricia ThornhillWFPApr-17

4.1 Vanuatu Government Contact List

Patricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.2 Vanuatu Humanitarian Agency Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.4 Vanuatu Port and Waterways Company Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.5 Vanuatu Airport Company Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.6 Vanuatu Storage and Milling Company Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.7 Vanuatu Fuel Provider Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.8 Vanuatu Transporter Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.10 Vanuatu Supplier Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17
4.11 Vanuatu Additional Service Provision Contact ListPatricia ThornhillWFPApr-17

5 Vanuatu Annexes

Patricia ThornhillWFPApr-17

5.1 Vanuatu Acronyms & Abbreviations

Patricia Thornhill