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Official country name:

Republic of Sudan

Table of Contents

ChapterName of AssessorOrganisationDate updated 

1 Sudan Country Profile

Pamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
1.1 Sudan Humanitarian BackgroundPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
1.2 Sudan Regulatory Departments and Quality ControlPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
1.3 Sudan Customs InformationPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19

2 Sudan Logistics Infrastructure

Pamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
2.1 Sudan Port of Port SudanPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
2.2 Sudan AviationPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
2.2.1 Sudan Khartoum International AirportPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
2.2.2 Sudan El Geneina National AirportPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
2.2.3 Sudan El Fasher National AirportPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
2.2.4 Sudan Nyala National AirportPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
2.2.5 Sudan Port Sudan National AirportPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
2.2.6 Sudan El Obeid National AirportPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
2.3 Sudan Road AssessmentPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
2.3.1 Sudan Land Border CrossingsPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
2.4 Sudan Railway AssessmentPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
2.5 Sudan Waterways AssessmentPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
2.6 Sudan Storage AssessmentPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
2.7 Sudan Milling AssessmentPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19

3 Sudan Logistics Services

Pamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
3.1 Sudan FuelPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
3.2 Sudan TransportersPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
3.3 Sudan Manual LabourPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
3.4 Sudan TelecommunicationsPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
3.5 Sudan Food and Additional SuppliersPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
3.5.1 Sudan Food SuppliersPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
3.5.2 Sudan Additional SuppliersPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
3.6 Sudan Additional ServicesPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19

4 Sudan Contact Lists

Pamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
4.1 Sudan Government Contact ListPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
4.2 Sudan Humanitarian Agency Contact ListPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
4.3 Sudan Laboratory and Quality Testing Companies Contact List Pamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
4.4 Sudan Port and Waterways Company Contact ListPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
4.5 Sudan Airport Companies Contacts ListPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
4.6 Sudan Storage and Milling Company Contact ListPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
4.7 Sudan Fuel Providers Contact ListPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
4.8 Sudan Transporter Contact ListPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
4.9 Sudan Railway Contact ListPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
4.10 Sudan Supplier Contact ListPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
4.11 Sudan Additional Services Contact ListPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19

5 Sudan Annexes

Pamela OnyangoWFPSep-19
5.1 Sudan Acronyms and AbbreviationsPamela OnyangoWFPSep-19