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Table of Contents

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1 Mongolia Country Profile

Anna YoungWFPOct-11
1.1 Mongolia Humanitarian BackgroundAnna YoungWFPOct-11
1.2 Mongolia Regulatory NarrativeAnna YoungWFPOct-11
1.3 Mongolia Customs InformationAnna YoungWFPOct-11

2 Mongolia Logistics Infrastructure

Anna YoungWFPOct-11
2.1 Mongolia Port AssessmentAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.2 Mongolia AviationAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.2.1 Mongolia Chinggis Khaan International AirportAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.2.2 Mongolia Olgii National AirportAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.2.3 Mongolia Khovd National AirportAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.2.4 Mongolia Bulgan National AirportAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.2.5 Mongolia Ulaangom National AirportAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.2.6 Mongolia Choibalsan National AirportAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.2.7 Mongolia Bayankhongor National AirportAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.2.8 Mongolia Dalanzadgad National AirportAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.2.9 Monglia Muren National AirportAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.2.10 Monglia Altai National AirportAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.2.11 Mongolia Erlian National Airport (China next to Zamyn-Uud)Anna YoungWFPOct-11
2.2.12 Mongolia Ulan-Ude National Airport (Russia north of Sukhbaatar)Anna YoungWFPOct-11
2.2.13 Mongolia Donoi National AirportAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.3 Mongolia Road NetworkAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.4 Mongolia Railway AssessmentAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.5 Mongolia Waterways AssessmentAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.6 Mongolia Storage AssessmentAnna YoungWFPOct-11
2.7 Mongolia Milling AssessmentAnna YoungWFPOct-11

3 Mongolia Logistics Services

Anna YoungWFPOct-11
3.1 Mongolia FuelAnna YoungWFPOct-11
3.2 Mongolia TransportersAnna YoungWFPOct-11
3.3 Mongolia Additional Service ProvidersAnna YoungWFPOct-11
3.4 Mongolia Manual Labor CostsAnna YoungWFPOct-11
3.5 Mongolia TelecommunicationsAnna YoungWFPOct-11
3.6 Mongolia Food Suppliers, Accommodation and Other MarketsAnna YoungWFPOct-11

4 Mongolia Contact Lists

Anna YoungWFPOct-11
4.1 Mongolia Government Contact ListAnna YoungWFPOct-11
4.2 Mongolia Humanitarian Agency Contact ListAnna YoungWFPOct-11
4.3 Mongolia Port and Waterways Company Contact ListAnna YoungWFPOct-11
4.4 Mongolia Airport Company Contact ListAnna YoungWFPOct-11
4.5 Mongolia Storage and Milling Company Contact ListAnna YoungWFPOct-11
4.6 Mongolia Fuel Provider Contact ListAnna YoungWFPOct-11
4.7 Mongolia Transporter Contact ListAnna YoungWFPOct-11
4.8 Mongolia Additional Service Provision Contact ListAnna YoungWFPOct-11
4.9 Mongolia Railway Company Contact ListAnna YoungWFPOct-11

5 Mongolia Annexes

Anna YoungWFPOct-11
5.1 Mongolia Acronyms and AbbreviationsAnna YoungWFPOct-11