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The Republic of Liberia

Table of Contents

Chapter Name of Assessor OrganizationDate Updated 

1 Liberia Country Profile

Jamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
1.1 Liberia Humanitarian BackgroundJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
1.2 Liberia Regulatory DepartmentsJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
1.3 Liberia Customs InformationJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15

2 Liberia Logistics Infrastructure

Jamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.1 Liberia Port AssessmentJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.1.1 Liberia Port of MonroviaJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.1.2 Liberia Port of HarperJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.2 Liberia AviationJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.2.1 Liberia Roberts International AirportJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.2.2 Liberia Spriggs Payne International AirportJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.2.3 Liberia Greenville National AirfieldJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.2.4 Liberia Harper National AirfieldJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.2.6 Liberia Voinjama National AirfieldJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.2.7 Liberia Zwedru National AirfieldJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.3 Liberia Road NetworkJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.3.1 Liberia Border Crossing of Kablaken PointJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.3.2 Liberia Border Crossing of Mandecoma PointJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.3.3 Liberia Border Crossing of KonaduJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.3.4 Liberia Border Crossing of Pedebo / DuokudiJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.4 Liberia Railway AssessmentJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.5 Liberia Waterways AssessmentJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.6 Liberia Storage AssessmentJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
2.7 Liberia Milling AssessmentJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15

3 Liberia Logistics Services

Jamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
3.1 Liberia FuelJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
3.2 Liberia TransportersJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
3.3 Liberia Manual Labor CostsJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
3.4 Liberia TelecommunicationsJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
3.5 Liberia Food and Additional SuppliersJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
3.6 Liberia Additional Service ProvidersJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15

4 Liberia Contact Lists

Jamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
4.1 Liberia Government Contact ListJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
4.2 Liberia Humanitarian Agency Contact ListJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
4.3 Liberia Laboratory and Quality Testing Company Contact ListJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
4.4 Port and Waterways Company Contact ListJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
4.5 Liberia Airport Company Contact ListJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
4.6 Liberia Storage and Milling Company Contact ListJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
4.7 Liberia Fuel Provider Contact ListJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
4.8 Liberia Transporter Contact ListJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
4.9 Liberia Additional Service Provision Contact ListJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
4.10 Liberia Producers, Wholesalers and RetailersJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15

5 Liberia Annexes

Jamal ShafagojWFPNov-15
5.1 Liberia Acronyms and AbbreviationsJamal ShafagojWFPNov-15