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Country name:


Official country name:

Republic of Lebanon

Table of Contents

Chapter Name of Assessor OrganizationDate Updated 

1 Lebanon Country Profile

Bassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
1.1 Lebanon Humanitarian BackgroundBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
1.2 Lebanon National Regulatory DepartmentsBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
1.3 Lebanon Customs InformationBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16

2 Lebanon Logistics Infrastructure

Bassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
2.1 Lebanon Port AssessmentBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
2.1.1 Lebanon Port of BeirutBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
2.1.2 Lebanon Port of TripoliBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
2.1.3 Lebanon Port of TyreBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
2.1.4 Lebanon Port of SidonBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
2.2 Lebanon AviationBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
2.2.1 Lebanon Rafic Hariri International AirportBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
2.3 Lebanon Road NetworkBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
2.3.1. Land Border Crossing Al MasnaaBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16

2.3.2 Land Border Crossing Al Arida

Bassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16

2.3.3 Land Border Crossing Aboudiyeh

Bassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
2.4 Lebanon Railway AssessmentBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
2.5 Lebanon Waterways AssessmentBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
2.6 Lebanon Storage AssessmentBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
2.7 Lebanon Milling AssessmentBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16

3 Lebanon Logistics Services

Bassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
3.1 Lebanon FuelBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
3.2 Lebanon TransportersBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
3.3 Lebanon Additional ServicesBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
3.4 Lebanon Manual LabourBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
3.5 Lebanon TelecommunicationsBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
3.5 Lebanon Food and Additional SuppliersBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
3.5.1 Food SuppliersBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
3.5.2 Additional SuppliersBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16

4 Lebanon Contact Lists

Bassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
4.1 Lebanon Government Contact ListBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
4.2 Lebanon Humanitarian Contact ListsBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
4.4 Lebanon Port and Waterways Company Contact ListBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
4.5 Lebanon Airport Company Contact ListBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
4.6 Lebanon Storage and Milling Company Contact ListBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
4.7 Lebanon Fuel Provider Contact ListBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
4.8 Lebanon Transporter Contact ListBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16

5 Lebanon Annexes

Bassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16
5.1 Lebanon Acronyms and AbbreviationsBassam AbousleimanWFPSep-16