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Official country name:

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Table of Contents

Chapter Name of Assessor OrganizationDate Updated 

1 Jordan Country Profile

Basem AwawdehWFPAug-15
1.1 Jordan Humanitarian BackgroundBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15
1.2 Jordan Regulatory DepartmentsBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15
1.3 Jordan Customs InformationBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15

2 Jordan Logistics Infrastructure

Basem AwawdehWFPAug-15
2.1 Jordan Port of AqabaBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15
2.2 Jordan AviationBasem AwawdehWFPDec-18
2.2.1 Jordan Queen Alia International Airport-AmmanBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15
2.2.2 Jordan Marka AirportBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15
2.3 Jordan Road NetworkBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15
2.4 Jordan Railway AssessmentBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15
2.5 Jordan Waterways AssessmentBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15
2.6 Jordan Storage AssessmentBasem AwawdehWFPDec-18
2.7 Jordan Milling AssessmentBasem AwawdehWFPDec-18

3 Jordan Logistics Services

Basem AwawdehWFPAug-15
3.1 Jordan FuelBasem AwawdehWFPDec-18
3.2 Jordan Additional Service ProvidersBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15
3.3 Jordan TelecommunicationsBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15
3.4 Jordan Food Suppliers, Accommodation and Other MarketsBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15

4 Jordan Contact Lists

Basem AwawdehWFPAug-15
4.1 Jordan Government Contact ListBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15
4.2. Jordan Humanitarian Agency Contact ListBasem AwawdehWFPDec-18
4.3 Jordan Port and Waterways Company Contact ListBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15
4.4 Jordan Airport Company Contact ListBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15
4.5 Jordan Additional Service Provision Contact ListBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15

5 Jordan Annexes

Basem AwawdehWFPAug-15
5.1 Jordan Acronyms and AbbreviationsBasem AwawdehWFPAug-15