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Official country name:

 Republic of Djibouti

Table of Contents

Chapter Name of Assessor OrganizationDate Updated 

1 Djibouti Country Profile

Sergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
1.1 Djibouti Humanitarian BackgroundSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
1.2 Djibouti Regulatory DepartmentsSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
1.3 Djibouti Customs InformationSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13

2 Djibouti Logistics Infrastructure

Sergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
2.1 Djibouti Port AssessmentSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
2.1.1 Djibouti Port of Djibouti S.A (PAID)Sergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
2.2 Djibouti AviationSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
2.2.1 Djibouti-Ambouli International AirportSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
2.2.2 Djibouti Ali Sabieh National AirportSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
2.3 Djibouti Road NetworkSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
2.4 Djibouti Railway AssessmentSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
2.5 Djibouti Waterways AssessmentSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
2.6 Djibouti Storage AssessmentSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
2.7 Djibouti Milling AssessmentSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13

3 Djibouti Logistics Services

Sergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
3.1 Djibouti FuelSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
3.2 Djibouti TransportersSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
3.3 Djibouti Additional Service ProvidersSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
3.4 Djibouti Manual Labor CostsSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
3.5 Djibouti TelecommunicationsSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
3.6 Djibouti Food Suppliers, Accommodation and Other MarketsSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13

4 Djibouti Contact Lists

Sergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
4.1 Djibouti Government Contact ListSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
4.2 Djibouti Humanitarian Agency Contact ListSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
4.3 Djibouti Port and Waterways Company Contact ListSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
4.4 Djibouti Airport Company Contact ListSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
4.5 Djibouti Railway Company Contact ListSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
4.6 Djibouti Storage and Milling Company Contact ListSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
4.7 Djibouti Fuel Provider Contact ListSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
4.8 Djibouti Transporter Contact ListSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
4.9 Djibouti Additional Service Provision Contact ListSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13

5 Djibouti Annexes

Sergio MonteiroWFPOct-13
5.1 Djibouti Acronyms and AbbreviationsSergio MonteiroWFPOct-13