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Table of Contents

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1 Belize Country Profile

Jose VargasWFPApr-17
1.1 Belize Humanitarian BackgroundJose VargasWFPApr-17
1.2 Belize Regulatory Departments & Quality ControlJose VargasWFPApr-17
1.3 Belize Customs Information Jose VargasWFPApr-17

2 Belize Logistics Infrastructure

Jose VargasWFPApr-17
2.1 Belize Port AssessmentJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.1.1 Belize Port of BelizeJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.1.2 Belize Port of Big CreekJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2 Belize AviationJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2.1 Belize Phillip S.W. Goldson International AirportJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2.2 Belize Sir Barry Bowen Municipal AirportJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2.3 Belize Hector Silva AirstripJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2.4 Belize Matthew Spain AirportJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2.5 Belize Caye Caulker AirportJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2.6 Belize Punta Gorda AirportJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2.7 Belize Orange Walk AirportJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2.8 Belize Sartaneja AirstripJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2.9 Belize Privacion AirstripJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2.10 Belize John Greif III AirportJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2.11 Belize Dangriga AirportJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2.12 Belize Melinda AirportJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2.13 Belize Placencia AirportJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.2.14 Belize Corozal AirportJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.3 Belize Road NetworkJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.3.1 Belize Benque Viejo Border CrossingJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.3.2 Belize Santa Elena Border CrossingJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.4 Belize Railway Assessment Jose VargasWFPApr-17
2.5 Belize Waterways Assessment Jose VargasWFPApr-17
2.6 Belize Storage AssessmentJose VargasWFPApr-17
2.7 Belize Milling AssessmentJose VargasWFPApr-17

3 Belize Logistics Services 

Jose VargasWFPApr-17
3.1 Belize FuelJose VargasWFPApr-17
3.2 Belize TransportersJose VargasWFPApr-17
3.3 Belize Manual LabourJose VargasWFPApr-17
3.4 Belize Telecommunications Jose VargasWFPApr-17
3.5 Belize Food and Additional SuppliersJose VargasWFPApr-17
3.5.1 Belize Food SuppliersJose VargasWFPApr-17

4 Belize Contact Lists

Jose VargasWFPApr-17
4.1 Belize Government Contact ListJose VargasWFPApr-17
4.2 Belize Humanitarian Agency Contact List Jose VargasWFPApr-17
4.3 Belize Laboratory and Quality Testing Companies Contact List Jose VargasWFPApr-17
4.4 Belize Port and Waterways Companies Contact List Jose VargasWFPApr-17
4.5 Belize Airport Companies Contact List Jose VargasWFPApr-17
4.6 Storage and Milling Companies Contact List Jose VargasWFPApr-17
4.7 Belize Fuel Providers Contact List Jose VargasWFPApr-17
4.8 Belize Transporter Contact List Jose VargasWFPApr-17
4.9 Belize Railway Companies Contact List Jose VargasWFPApr-17
4.10 Belize Supplier Contact List Jose VargasWFPApr-17
4.11 Belize Additional Services Contact List Jose VargasWFPApr-17
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